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24 April 2019

While Chad heads to get a last bit of Thai Body Work, I'm just pacing. Garmin will likely tell me I got 12,000 steps by 8am today. We spent last nig ...
Posted By: nancy fudacz 0 Comments

23 April 2019

The training is over and all equipment are ready, now im starting to get nervous, but in a good way :-) I can´t wait to get started on sunday, and i r ...
Posted By: Jakob Hedegaard 0 Comments

14 April 2019

For the last many months I have been running with large bottles of water in my backpack, but this weekend I thought it would be fun to fill it up with ...
Posted By: Lorene Christensen 0 Comments

12 April 2019

Well its nearly go time so need to set up my blog post. I am very excited to be back in the beauty of the desert to enjoy my passion, running and what ...
Posted By: Sandy Suckling 2 Comments

31 January 2019

My days are filled with this intense feeling of what will this take to conquer this race. I do know that so far my knees are hurting, my hips are s ...
Posted By: Anim Swart 0 Comments
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