Blogs for Namib Race (Namibia) 2021

Blogs are first-hand accounts written by racers before, during and after each race. They are a great resource for those embarking on a multi-day stage race.

Robert Ripley


Sep 2021

What Songs Should be on the Namib Race Playlist?

    I won’t be carrying a charger in my pack, so my electronics will be somewhat limited.  I won’t be carrying my iPhone ...

Eyal Shimoni


Sep 2021

The why? Simple, The journey of a child...

People often ask "why?" Honestly there is no simple answer. That reminds me of a post from early July 2019, Just before the 2019 GobiMarch. I belie ...

Mabasa Mubatapasango


Sep 2021

50 Days to go

  My alarm went off at 4.30 am and as usual, had to drag myself off the bed so that I prepare for my planned solo marathon. I picked up my runni ...

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