Celebrating 20 Years

In 2023, RacingThePlanet celebrated 20 years since its inaugural race at the Gobi March in Dunhuang, China in 2003. As part of these special celebrations, RacingThePlanet will be holding a race called RacingThePlanet: The 20-Year Race which will take place in Jordan in September 2024 finishing in Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Special Activities and Souvenirs.

RacingThePlanet Cafe
Beginning with the Gobi March in Mongolia in June 2023, RacingThePlanet hosted a special RacingThePlanet Cafe at each race offering tea and coffee to all participants at the race.  

RacingThePlanet Poster (Limited Edition)
Renowned illustrator Jo Scott created special posters for each race. Jo also created a special poster for 4 Deserts Grand Slam and 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus finishers in 2022. An example is provided below.  This unique souvenir can be framed and will serve as a reminder of the race in the special anniversary year.

RacingThePlanet Book
As part of the celebratory year in 2023, we put together a book.  "More than a Race" which chronicled the history of RacingThePlanet which was founded in 2003.
  Starting with the Gobi March in Dunhuang, China and covering the next 64 races over two decades, journey through the incredible photographs of our Volunteers, Medical Teams, Local Teams, Media Teams and, of course, some of the more than 10,000 competitors who have joined the races over the years. Read first-hand accounts from competitors, volunteers, medical doctors and staff. Learn about inspirational people, and see highlights of the champions and members of the 4 Deserts Club. Through the photographic lenses of our renowned photographers, see epic stories of survival through sand storms, fierce wind and rain, snow and flooded rivers.
The coffee table book features as many group photos from each race as we could, and stunning photos taken by our renowned photographers. We've included as many of our 10,000 alumni in the book as possible.
Limited Edition.
Contents: 232 pages.
Editor: Jacqueline Furniss.
Photo Editor: Thiago Diz.
Copy Editor: Simon Damodaran. 
More Than a Race - The RacingThePlanet Story