Blogs for Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2021

Blogs are first-hand accounts written by racers before, during and after each race. They are a great resource for those embarking on a multi-day stage race. We particularly recommend the blog by Andy Haven who completed the Atacama Crossing 2019.

Kristina Huffman


Oct 2020

And so it begins!

Well, I jumped into the deep end of the proverbial pool!  Confirmation of my registration for the 2021 Atacama Crossing received, and now the jou ...

Robert Ripley


Sep 2020

2021 it is!

2021 it is then. So, I apologize to the followers of this blog (of whom I am sure there are many).  I have been neglecting the blog and it has k ...

John Howard


Nov 2019

One year to go....

One year to go .... and I'm injured! No running for me a the moment, I guess I did a little too much running this year, a couple of hundred milers and ...

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