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Sarah Oppermann, Ireland / Stage wins: 2 / Finishing Position: 5th Female 24th Overall/ Finishing Time: 39 hours 37mins 45 What and where: The Atacama Crossing (by RacingThePlanet) is a 250km, six stage self-supported race. Carrying all you need for ... View More
Read a first-hand summary of Nick Coyle's journey through the Atacama Crossing in 2019.  This was also published by Sai Yan Fit.     CAN YOU HEAR THE DRUMS OF THE ATACAMA DESERT? Nicholas Coyle, New Zealand / Finishing Time: 5 ... View More
What’s not to love about this iconic race, in the driest of the deserts in the 4 Deserts Race Series and the world! The Atacama Desert is situated in the north of Chile and some areas have never been known to receive even a drop of rainfall s ... View More
“The most chilled town I've ever visited” said two-time 4 Deserts competitor and three-time volunteer Natasha. “It hasn't changed much since the first time I was there 11 years to when I volunteered for 4 Deserts more recentl ... View More
The Atacama desert is characterized by an array of geomorphological formations that define part of the beauty of this amazing place. During the race you will see some of the most characteristic and important formations so it’s worth knowing abo ... View More
  To give your friends or family members a better idea of your time at the Atacama Crossing, take a look at the RacingThePlanet Experience for Friends & Family. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.  ... View More
Over the years we have seen an increasing number of women taking part at RacingThePlanet and 4 Deserts ultras. Though we've not seen a woman winning a race (yet) we're sure it's just a matter of time. Read more here: Women in Multistage and Ultra ... View More
    RacingThePlanet and our friends at Unbound Running have put together some training plans to help you with your preparation. There are three levels available: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Good luck with your training! ... View More