Blogs for The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2022

Blogs are first-hand accounts written by racers before, during and after each race. They are a great resource for those embarking on a multi-day stage race.

Ed Sadler


Dec 2022

Blog #2

OK, só Day 2 is in the bag.  I’m pretty sure most people who do these endurance running events are early morning people so not start ...

Suan Lam Koh


Dec 2022

Stage 6 & last one for this Last Desert Series (Longest Stage)!

Thank God for seeing us through! Deception Island!    4:45am - Rise & Shine 4:55am - Breakfast  5:30am - Get Ready for the fin ...

Eyal Shimoni


Nov 2022

First tea on the the 7th continent

WOW!   No other word to describe that moment when we got the green light to board the zodiacs and go for our first stage. A 1km loop, deep snow ...

Arthur Azevedo


Nov 2022

The most pristine, beautiful and pure place I have ever been.

 All right, we got our debut yesterday in the Antarctic continent.   Tough, hard, cold and snowy! However, at the same time, simply the mo ...

Miguel Sagastume


Nov 2022


After 9,000 km and 30hrs  from Guatemala, 4 airports (Costa Rica, Bogota Colombia, Buenos Aires and the Ushuaia I arrived unventful this morning! ...

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