4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2022 Anim Swart
4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2022 Ben Dame)


The 4 Deserts World Champion title goes to the man and woman with the highest cumulative rankings in each of the 4 Deserts events. The 4 Deserts Champion must complete the Atacama Crossing (Chile), the Gobi March* (Mongolia), the Namib Race** (Namibia) and The Last Desert (Antarctica) in order to qualify for the 4 Deserts World Champion title. The 4 Deserts World Champions are among the best endurance athletes in the world.

*The Namib Race used be called the Sahara Race and was held in Egypt, Jordan and Namibia.

**The Gobi March race location has changed from China to Mongolia.

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Anim Swart

Swart, Anim

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2022
South Africa

Anim Swart, from Canada and the United States, completed the 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus after successfully finishing The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2022.  Anim became the 4 Deserts Champion 2022 at ...

Ben Dame

Dame, Ben

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2022

German competitor Ben Dame joined the 4 Deserts Club at The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2022 which was his seventh time at a RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts Race. When he is not running, Ben is the founder a ...

Ho Chung Wong

Wong, Ho Chung

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2018
Hong Kong

Wong Ho Chung, a physical fitness instructor for Hong Kong's Fire Services Department, spends his spare time burning up ultramarathon trails around Asia and the world. He started running competitively ...

Isabelle Sauve

Sauve, Isabelle

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2018

Isabelle Sauve is a police officer for the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada. She completed the Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2016, the Sahara Race (Namibia) 2018 as the leading lady, and the Gobi Ma ...

Jax Mariash Mustafa

Mariash Mustafa, Jax

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2016
United States

Jax Mariash is a professional ultra-runner and skimo racer who is the first female to complete the 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus - all 4 Deserts PLUS the Roving Race in one calendar year – which she ...

Yen-Po Chen

Chen, Yen-Po

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2016

Chen Yen-Po (Tommy) is a celebrity athlete in his home country of Taiwan. It all started in 2009 at the age of 23, when he completed the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage race – this paved the way for hi ...

Isis Breiter

Breiter, Isis

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2014

Isis Breiter is a mother of four who lives with her husband in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Isis placed first overall in the women's division at The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2014 and Gobi March (China) 2 ...

Jose Manuel Martinez Fernandez

Martinez Fernandez, Jose Manuel

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2014

Jose Manuel “Chema” Martinez Fernandez represented his country at the Olympics 2004 in Athens, Greece, where he finished 9th in the 10,000 meters. Chema then returned to the Olympics in Be ...

Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito

Garcia Beneito, Vicente Juan

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2012

Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito, a firefighter with the Wild Wolf Force in Alicante, Spain, finished a phenomenal year in 2012.  Vicente completed each of the 4 Deserts events in first position ...

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld

Flammersfeld, Anne-Marie

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2012

German Anne-Marie Flammersfeld made history at The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2012 when she became the only woman to ever win all 4 Deserts events - made even more impressive by the fact that she did al ...

Mirjana Pellizzer

Pellizzer, Mirjana

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2010
Croatia (Hrvatska)

Mirjana Pellizzer from Croatia is the 4 Deserts Female Champion in 2010 with 2nd place finished in the women's division at the Sahara Race 2008, the Atacama Crossing 2009 and The Last Desert ...

Ryan Sandes

Sandes, Ryan

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2010
South Africa

Ryan Sandes is a professional athlete based in Cape Town, South Africa. He competed in the Gobi March and Sahara Race in 2008, the latter being the most fun: “I enjoy running in the sand!” ...

Laura Corti

Corti, Laura

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2008

A private banker based in Italy, Laura doesn’t feel that any of the 4 Deserts events that she’s done have been particularly easy. She suffered a lot during the Gobi March 2007, but also lo ...

Dean Karnazes

Karnazes, Dean

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2008
United States

Named by TIME magazine as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World," Dean Karnazes is a renowned outdoor athlete and bestselling author. He is also the 4 Deserts Champion in 2008. &ldq ...

Francesco Galanzino

Galanzino, Francesco

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2007

Francesco Galanzino is an entrepreneur from Tortona, Italy. He was crowned the 4 Deserts Champion when he completed The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2007. He also came 2nd overall in RacingThePlanet: Aust ...

Yi Chieh Lin

Lin, Yi Chieh

4 Deserts Champion (Male) 2006

Kevin Lin is an ultramarathon runner from Taiwan who has completed the Gobi March 2003 and 2006, the Atacama Crossing 2004, the Sahara Race 2005 and The Last Desert 2006 to become one of the ...

Lisanne Dorion

Dorion, Lisanne

4 Deserts Champion (Female) 2006
United States


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