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Dr. Robert Ripley (“Rob”) has a few stories, the one we want to tell right now is the one that started when he decided to sign up for the Atacama Crossing 2020. As many people know this race (as well as all others) was postponed due to CO ... View More
Gabriella has had many reasons to give up, she could have backed down from challenges, instead, she has chosen the road less travelled, and it started with the need to give herself a sense of control and choice over her life. Growing up in a dysfun ... View More
The 2021 edition of the Namib Race starts on Sunday 24 October in the Namib Desert which will take racers through two national parks, and along sections of the Skeleton Coast.   This year is exceptional with a smaller field but is bursting wit ... View More
Namibia is a jewel of a country. Swakopmund is a sparkle in the jewel. You couldn’t ask for a better host town for a 4 Deserts Race than Swakopmund. Swakopmund is the host city for the 4 Deserts, Namib Race (Namibia). It’s a great ... View More
  Bring friends and family members with you on your Namib Race journey with the RacingThePlanet Experience for Friends & Family. Find out more here.   ... View More
One of the best things about competing in RacingThePlanet ultramarathons is the amazing locations. In Namibia we have picked a country with spectacular scenery, culture and wildlife in one of the safest places to travel in Africa. Why not take advant ... View More
Since our first race in 2003 we have seen more and more female participants, usually between 20-25% of competitors. So far, however, we have not had a female winner but we think it's just a matter of time. Read why here: Women in Multistage and ... View More
What would make you want to run 250 kilometres in a desert?   This is possibly the most common reaction of friends and family when someone decides to run a 4 Deserts race! The reasons people take part in multi-stage races in deserts arou ... View More
The Desert Lion Conservation is founded by Dr Philip Stander, who has dedicated his life to protecting the desert lions in Namibia. Those of you who have had the opportunity to join the Namib Race, will be familiar with Dr Stander and the work that h ... View More