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Jan 2020

Why Run 250km Across a Desert?!

If you are still having doubts, listen to what they have to say... "At least once in a lifetime!"


Jan 2020

Atacama Crossing, What´s Not To Love

Read through and have a little taste of what the Atacama Crossing is like. Some runners explain it much better than us


Jan 2020

Preparing For a 250 km Stage Race

Thinking about competing in the Atacama Crossing but not sure how to prepare? Read our experts advice on preparing, starting and finishing the race.


Dec 2019

New Year, New Challenge

When the year ends and a new one is about to start, we all make new goals to improve our lives, but in the end, we rarely see them through. 2020 is already here. Make sure this time you don´t repeat the same the old patterns.


Dec 2019

The Starry Skies of Atacama

The Atacama desert has the cleanest and most beautiful skies in the world. So if these days you look at the sky hoping to see Santa and can´t find him, it is not because he hides, it is because you are in the wrong place to look. Happy holidays!


Dec 2019

Enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime Together

Doing the Atacama Crossing is an amazing experience, but doing it with a friend, a spouse or a family member wil heighten every moment.


Dec 2019

What a Gift!

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? Here is an idea: a Friends & Family experience, so you can all together enjoy the last 24 hours of this amazing race


Nov 2019

Live the Race Today

Want to know what the Atacama Crossing is about? In this video you will go through all the stages, see the beauty of the course and know first hand what it feels like


Nov 2019

"We All Had a Different Story but the Same Goal...

...I will forever have a strong bond with these runners". Troy Schaab, who completed the Atacama Crossing in 2019, shares his experience and feelings about the race.


Nov 2019

Stop Dreaming and Live Life

The Atacama Crossing is one of the 4 races that make the Grand Slam. This feat, that can only be achieved in even numbered years, is dreamed by many but achieved by very few, those that dare to make their dreams a reality