About the Atacama Crossing

The Atacama Crossing is a 7-day, 250 km / 155 mile footrace that takes place in the incredible Atacama Desert of Chile. Through the seven days, competitors traverse through salt flats, massive sand dunes, icy cold slot canyons, river crossings, and experience starry nights while in the foothills of the Andes mountains as they complete the 250-kilometer / 155-mile course. The race goes through the Salar de Atacama, Moon Valley and Valle de la Muerte, and finally ends in the Town Square of the adobe-like village of San Pedro de Atacama.


  • 23 Sep 2022

    Competitors Arrive (hotel provided)
  • 24 Sep 2022

    Race Check-In & go to Camp 1
  • 25 Sep 2022

    Race Starts
  • 25 Sep 2022 - to - 01 Oct 2022

    Stage 1 - To - Stage 6 takes place
  • 01 Oct 2022

    Awards Banquet (hotel provided)
  • 02 Oct 2022

    Event Ends (travel home)

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  • 26 Aug 2021 The Next Edition is September 2022

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  • 07 Jul 2021 Follow the route of the Atacama Crossing as if you were a racer

    Competitors go through magnificent salt flats stretching as far as the eye can see, run down huge sand dunes which will literally take your breath away, go through canyons where you can touch the walls on both sides and sleep under glittering night skies in the driest place on earth.


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