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Jul 2019

Zeana Haroun On The Starting Line of The Atacama Crossing 2019

Event manager, Zeana Haroun, has decided to prove everyone -for the third time-, that event managers can do it too!! This time she will be giving it all at the Atacama Crossing! Go, Zeana, go!


Jul 2019

Your Patches, Your Pride

Patches for the Atacama Crossing are out. They represent your goals and dreams, your challenges and strength, they show your origins and your culture, and that of your family and friends. They show a piece of who you are. Wear them with pride.


Jun 2019

Epic Runs of The World

The large travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has included all the 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series in its list of Epic Runs! You all made them Epic!


Jun 2019

Those Beautiful Moments at Camp

The running is great, the scenery amazing, but the special moments shared with your running mates at camp after a grueling day will also be part of your most memorable moments.


Jun 2019

The Wonders of Atacama

The Atacama Crossing is more than just a race. Salt flats, sand dunes, canyons, river crossings, starry nights... full of beauty and natural wonders, this event will take your breath away.


Jun 2019

Your Equipment, a Life-Saver Burden

We all hate the weight, but the mandatory equipment is of utmost importance for your safety and it will be checked several times during the race. Make sure you have it all and don´t forget to train with it!


Jun 2019

4 Months Away! Are You Preparing Well?

With only 4 months ahead, you shoul already have a good training and organization plan. Check our experts advice on how to prepare for a 250K race to make sure you don´t miss a thing.


May 2019

Atacama Crossing Video Diary

Need some motivation? This video will get you excited instantly. We can´t wait to go back!


May 2019

Time to Start Blogging!

Blogging, like journaling, is good for the soul but also for your readers. They love to know how others prepare and their adventures towards the race. Don´t limit your blogging to race days. Start today!


May 2019

In Atacama, you will be over the moon, literally

The Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna) is literally like running on the moon. On Stage 5, the Long March, of the Atacama Crossing you will run through this bucket list place on our planet.