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Apr 2019

For The Common Good

More than just a race: Throughout the years, RacingThePlanet and many competitors have donated funds and supplies to many charities around the globe.


Apr 2019

San Pedro de Atacama, What an Amazing Place!

Being one of the highlights of the race itself, the Atacama Crossing has become many 4 Deserts participants' favourite race location.


Apr 2019

New Atacama Crossing Event Group on Facebook

Join the new Atacama Crossing 2019 event on Facebook and stay in touch with other runners, get to know them, ask questions, share information and talk about your progress and training.


Mar 2019

6 Months And The List of Runners Keeps Growing

Today, we are still 6 months away from the Atacama Crossing 2019 and the number of competitors registered keeps growing. Make sure you are on the list, we want to see you in San Pedro.


Mar 2019

Licancabur, The Mountain of The People

Considered a holy mountain by the Atacameno people, the Lincancabur Volcano will look over you all the way to the finish line. Dream big. Then make your dreams come true.


Mar 2019

Preparing For a 250 km Stage Race

Not sure where to start with your training? Read our experts advice on preparing, starting and finishing the race.


Mar 2019

Train Your Food

An ultra race is 1/3 mental, 1/3 physical and 1/3 nutritional. Make sure to learn and train your food and water intakes during the race. Rule #4


Mar 2019

Live Blogs from New Zealand Runners

New Zealand is taking place this week. Some runners tell their daily experience in their blogs. They are great to get motivated and learn.


Feb 2019

RacingThePlanet: New Zealand LIVE

Live coverage from the South Island from 3 - 9 March 2019.


Feb 2019

Learn To Dance

Include in your training dancing classes. Some basic steps will be essential to make your way through the infamous salt flats. Rule #3