About the Atacama Crossing

The Atacama Crossing is a 7-day, 250 km / 155 mile footrace that takes place in the incredible Atacama Desert of Chile. Through the seven days, competitors traverse through salt flats, massive sand dunes, icy cold slot canyons, river crossings, and experience starry nights while in the foothills of the Andes mountains as they complete the 250-kilometer / 155-mile course. The race goes through the Salar de Atacama, Moon Valley and Valle de la Muerte, and finally ends in the Town Square of the adobe-like village of San Pedro de Atacama.


  • 24 Sep 2021

    Competitors Arrive (hotel provided)
  • 25 Sep 2021

    Race Check-In & go to Camp 1
  • 26 Sep 2021

    Race Starts
  • 26 Sep 2021 - to - 02 Oct 2021

    Stage 1 - To - Stage 6 takes place
  • 02 Oct 2021

    Awards Banquet (hotel provided)
  • 03 Oct 2021

    Event Ends (travel home)

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  • 14 Oct 2020 Start planning logistics for the Atacama Crossing 2021

    One of the first things to do when preparing for the Atacama Crossing is clear the time in your calendar with work, family and other commitments. Check the itinerary to see the date you need you arrive in San Pedro (Fri, 24 Sept) and when you are ready to leave (Sun, 3 Oct) and then factor in flying time and if you can arrive a few days early to acclimatise.

  • 05 Oct 2020 How to prepare for the Atacama Crossing

    Not sure how to start preparing and training for the Atacama Crossing? Have a read of this article to align your thoughts and start putting a plan together.

  • 23 Sep 2020 This week would have been arrival week in San Pedro for the Atacama Crossing 2020

    Instead we are reliving the memories including the blogs of excited racers travelling from around the world to the desert oasis of San Pedro this time last year: Team No Country for Old Men from Canada: "Our team arrived safely in San Pedro. Chile is beautiful but we have to give a 10/10 for this region. Everything  is simply beautiful. Today we ll recheck our back pack for the 100 time, have a run in the afternoon to see if the legs remembers how to run and off course a glass of .....

  • 06 Sep 2020 Find out what people think about the Atacama Crossing

    Racers from the Atacama Crossing describe the course, the race, the ultra and what they thought about it. All are put togehter in a beautiful compilation by the talented videographer Michael Murphy

  • 26 Aug 2020 Looking forward to the Atacama Crossing 2021

    The Atacama Crossing 2021 will start on 26 September from the desert oasis of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. Check out the full itinerary and mark you calendars. We look forward to welcoming you to this beatiful, varied and tough desert race for the 16th edition of this iconic race.

  • 18 Aug 2020 Atacama Crossing postponed until Sept 2021 due to COVID-19

     It is with great disappointment that the 2020 edition of the Atacama Crossing is postponed. The next edition will start on 26 September 2021.

  • 05 Aug 2020 Atacama Crossing Vlog (video blog)

    Zeana completed a vlog on her Atacama Crossing experience with her sister and brother-in-law. Completing a RacingThePlanet Ultra with your family makes it an extra special experience.

  • 22 Jul 2020 Prepare your feet for 250km across the Atacama Desert

    Blisters are the main reason for DNF's from the Atacama Crossing. Prepare to succeed by watching this 4-part series with everything you need to know about feet and blisters for a 250km ultra.

  • 15 Jul 2020 What does it take to finish the Atacama Crossing?

    This is a useful recap on how to know you're ready to be in the start line for the Atacama Crossing (or any RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts Ultra).

  • 03 Jul 2020 "Everyone should do it at least once in their life"

    Find out what else people say about the Atacama Crossing on this short video


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