About the Atacama Crossing

The Atacama Crossing is a 7-day, 250 km / 155 mile footrace that takes place in the incredible Atacama Desert of Chile. Through the seven days, competitors traverse through salt flats, massive sand dunes, icy cold slot canyons, river crossings, and experience starry nights while in the foothills of the Andes mountains as they complete the 250-kilometer / 155-mile course. The race goes through the Salar de Atacama, Moon Valley and Valle de la Muerte, and finally ends in the Town Square of the adobe-like village of San Pedro de Atacama.


  • 28 Mar 2025

    Competitors Arrive in the host town (hotel provided)
  • 29 Mar 2025

    Race Check-In at Race Hotel
  • 30 Mar 2025

    Race Starts
  • 30 Mar 2025 - to - 05 Apr 2025

    Stage 1 - To - Stage 6 takes place
  • 05 Apr 2025

    Awards Banquet (hotel provided)
  • 06 Apr 2025

    Event Ends (travel home)

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  • 12 Jun 2024 "Runners, earn your bragging rights during the Atacama Crossing" - USA Today

    Some runs are for fun. Others are to prove you can do it. The Atacama Crossing falls into the latter category. If you want to run 250 kilometers (about 155 miles) through the driest place on Earth, this race is for you. There’s also spectacular scenery of Chilean sand dunes, salt lakes, and volcanoes. USA Today covers the Atacama Crossing race. 

  • 05 Jun 2024 Reflections & Lessons Learned from the Atacama Crossing

    The blogs are a valueable source of detail about the race. These are accounts written by racers at the Camp after each Stage giving a real opinion of the day. This blog in particular summarises the post-race reflections by someone who came back to finish the race after not completing it first time round.

  • 29 May 2024 Top Tips for the Atacama Crossing

    These are very useful notes from a finisher (and trainer) of the Atacama Crossing about what he learned about his preparation for the race.

  • 22 May 2024 The amazaing Atacama Crossing - watch the video

    This highlight video from the Atacama Crossing shows the stunning scenery, challenging terrain, equipment choices and the incredible camaraderie experienced at the race.

  • 10 May 2024 Multiday Magic

     Trail Run Magazine sits down with Scotty Hawker, winner of the 2023 edition of the Atacama Crossing to recount his experience and remember why he loves the ultra running community so much and provides great insights into the race.

  • 04 May 2024 Namib Race 2024 has Concluded

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  • 18 Apr 2024 Flyover the Atacama Crossing Course

    Watch this flyover the course to see the aerial view, distances, elevation and some photos of each Stage.

  • 10 Apr 2024 Training Plans

    Start to plan your training by having look at our training plans - there is one for beginners as an intermediate and advanced plan.

  • 27 Mar 2024 One Year until the Atacama Crossing starts on 20 March 2025

    Mark your calendars and start planning for an incredible week in the Atacama Desert.

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