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Sep 2019

See the Final List of Competitors for the Atacama Crossing 2019

The list of official competitors is final and closed. 88 runners (71% men, 29% women) will be representing 25 countries. See the full list to see the names of the brave ones.


Sep 2019

The Atacama Crossing is 4 Weeks Away!

At the final stretch to the Atacama Crossing 2019, runners, volunteers and staff are preparing their final details and getting very, VERY, excited.


Aug 2019

The Wonders of the Atacama Crossing

The course of the Atacama Crossing is much more than just a 250km track in the dessert. Filled with geological, natural and cultural details, you will be in awe in each of the six stages.


Aug 2019

Ashkan Mokhtari Returns to his 11th Atacama Crossing

Ashkan Mokhtari is already a legend in the RacingThePlanet family. Not only he has run 25 races, but he has been at the Atacama Crossing 10 times, returning in 2019 to complete it for 11th year.


Aug 2019

Share Your Adventure With Your Friends & Family Onsite!

Did you know that your friends and family can spend the last night at Camp with you and even run the final stage? Those intense moments are definitely better with your loved ones.


Aug 2019

At the Finish Line

You will need a full hard week to reach it, but once you cross the finish line of the Atacama Crossing on October 5th, the feelings you will experience will be with you for the rest of your life.


Jul 2019

The Gobi March (Mongolia) 2019 has concluded

Congratulations to Stefan Zuber of Switzerland and Amanda de Kock of South Africa, the champions, and all the competitors, volunteers, medical team and local staff!!!


Jul 2019

75 year old Bill Mitchell, making history at the Atacama Crossing

A true legend, Bill Mithchell, now 75, has completed 177 marathons and ultra races. He is the oldest ever competitor at a RacingThePlanet event. Read his story for some inspiration. Nothing is impossible! 


Jul 2019

Zeana Haroun On The Starting Line of The Atacama Crossing 2019

Event manager, Zeana Haroun, has decided to prove everyone -for the third time-, that event managers can do it too!! This time she will be giving it all at the Atacama Crossing! Go, Zeana, go!


Jul 2019

Your Patches, Your Pride

Patches for the Atacama Crossing are out. They represent your goals and dreams, your challenges and strength, they show your origins and your culture, and that of your family and friends. They show a piece of who you are. Wear them with pride.