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An Incredible 15 People Take on the 4 Deserts Grand Slam / Plus at the Gobi March 2024

Who is Participating at the Gobi March 2024

Join Us On An Epic Journey Back In Time Across The Great Mongol Empire

Orkhon Valley: A Cultural Landscape of Outstanding Universal Value

Experience Mongolia!

Supporting the Local Communities through the Gobi March (Mongolia)

Celebrating Ghenghis Khan during the Gobi March at the Naadam Festival

Sustainability and Giving Back at RacingThePlanet

First-Person with Former Peace Corps Volunteer Jacqueline Eastridge

First-Person with Illustrator and Gobi March 2024 Volunteer Manager Jo Scott

Why Would Anyone Run 250km in the Desert?!?

Women in Ultra / Multistage Races

The RacingThePlanet Experience for Friends and Family at the Gobi March

Community Challenge: Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project