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Race Coverage

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The 2019 edition of the Gobi March starts on 28 July in the Karakorum region of Mongolia. It looks to be another exciting race as competitors representing thirty-four countries follow the footsteps of Genghis Khan in the 16th edition of the Gobi Marc ... View More
“If you’re afraid - don’t do it, - if you’re doing it - don’t be afraid!” Genghis Khan On 28 July 2019, competitors from all walks of life and from all 4 corners of the globe will begin a grueling yet unforgettabl ... View More
The lesson in 13th century warfare, and possibly history’s most divisive leader, begins the moment you touch down at Ulaanbaatar's Chinggis Khaan airport. The flint-eyed likeness of the first Emperor of Mongolia squints, challeng ... View More
What would make you want to run 250 kilometres in a desert? This is possibly the most common reaction of friends and family when someone decides to run a 4 Deserts race! The reasons people take part in multi-stage races in deserts around the world ... View More
After spending 7 days running 155 miles through the desert, sleeping in a tent and eating dehydrated food having not showered for the week racers are usually excited for a burgers, pizzas, beers and showers but above all it is often their families th ... View More