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Stage 3: Final Update for Stage 3

Tue, 25 Jun 2024 at 11 00 pm
While competitors are now sleeping as best they can, you can review their day in full. The website is now fully updated after Stage 3.
A short summary of the Stage from Inia Raumati
Day 3 done. Bit more my style today. We started at the yurts then headed up a canyon and over the saddle which got everyone puffing. Up into the hills, down through some old ruins and up past a monastery then over another saddle and down towards the sand dunes. The sand dune section was actually rather short but I enjoyed the hills and the different terrain. Unfortunately we did finish up again on a long stretch of road in the midday sun, which seems to be my nemesis.
Jim Crowe's blog "We’re in Camp 3. We’re “not even halfway” er, I mean, “We’re almost halfway!”" is also well worth a read for more details of the Stage.
Here is a small excerpt
"The view reminded me a little of the north rim of the Grand Canyon when you come to, and reach the base of it and can’t imagine that it is possible to ascend it because it looks too vertical. But ascend we did."
PHOTOS - more than 200 today!

BLOGS - more as promised. Nine new entries today.

FULL RESULTS after Stage 3

Here are the Top 10 as they go into The Long March tomorrow.

Stage 4 tomorrow is The Long March - 80km / 50 miles

Any messages sent now will only be read after competitors have completed The Long March!

Stage 3: Everyone Has Made It To Camp

Tue, 25 Jun 2024 at 09 00 pm

Everyone has made it to Camp. Hot and tired, but safe and well.

The last person arrived at 8:18pm. The last 4 to arrive were:

  • Mohamed Al Qassimi
  • Arther Azevedo
  • Ikuko Saito
  • Angela Alchin

The Top 100 RESULTS after Stage 3 can be seen on the website. The full results be added soon.

Watch the VIDEO summarising today.

There are two new BLOGS so far. More from Scott Nagao, Jim Crowe, Bea Garcia, Inia Raumati, Christina Colque, Jorge Rocca, Matthew Reynolds and more being uploaded now.

Iris Derke who withdrew yesterday decided to stay and help the volunteers. Here is her account of her day:

First off - what a MAGNIFICENT day so far.  Talk about adding deeper, different and colorful layers to this whole experience…..from cheering the starting line and watching in amazement as they made their way up the steepest cliff/rock, to off roading through the desert, meeting so many of the locals working the RTP camp, and watching them build it!  Wow - such joy, happiness, and absolute efficiency creating a city from where there was none.  Incredible to watch…..until I was asked if I wanted to help and I couldn’t say yes quickly enough.  I was whisked off to a new water point 1/2 way between checkpoint 3 and 4.  UNBELIEVABLE HEAT today (omg),  It was absolutely thrilling to tend to the front runners as they came through - and to see the leaders come in to the finish before heading out, running the whole 28miles in under 4 hours was astounding.  I am SO glad I went with my gut and am staying on……The rest of this week is already turning in to something else and I feel free, happy, and like the world’s colors are even brighter.
PHOTOS, more VIDEOS, more BLOGS and the full RESULTS will be sent soon.


Stage 3: It's Hot Out There!

Tue, 25 Jun 2024 at 04 30 pm

At 4:30pm – eight and a half hours into Stage 3 we have 59 people who have completed the stage.  The most recent to finish were:

  • Jorge Rocca
  • Manika Gamble
  • Chris Lim
  • Lisa Fenton
  • Sal Powell
  • Mark Harding
  • Simran Singh
  • Sandeep Singla

RESULTS for the Top 33 can be seen on the website and the top 60 will showing soon.

Stages 1 and 2 were a runners course with plenty of tracks and trails. Today that all changed – starting with the big climb and then into the dunes. It was more technical and challenging terrain. You can see each person’s strengths for the different terrain in the results.  It is also hot out there today going above 35C / 95F. The snowstorm before the race is a distant memory.

There have been some stand out performances today including:

  • Brothers Evgeny and Dima Dobrov from the UK – finished 15th today. They were ranked 33rd after Stage 2
  • Martin Arias Tinco from Mexico finished 20th today – he was ranked 37th after Stage 2

Checkpoint 2 closed so everyone is over halfway.
David Fennah withdrew, making the sensible decision saying “it is just too hot”.

Cybertent with a view of the dunes

Inia and Iris typing away their next blog entries.


As well as the top men and women we also have the team categories and these are pretty exciting

  • Official Team - This is where a minimum of two people have to complete the entire together.
  • Group Team - Three or more people race individually and the average of their times makes up their result.

After Stage 2 there was just 1 minute separating the top 2 Group Teams and the 1 hr 15 minutes separating the Official Team can easily be made up on the Long March.

Keep following the Gobi March Live page where we continue to post updates as they come in.  


Stage 3: Tight Finish & New 1st Place Female

Tue, 25 Jun 2024 at 02 00 pm

Six hours into Stage 3 and 11 people have reached Camp to complete the Stage so far.

The leaders took 3 hours and 44 minutes for this tough 45km / 25 miles Stage.

It was a tight finish, with just one minute separating the top 2 racers – both from Japan - and the first lady was Maigua Ojeda Perez who has been second all week.

  • 1st Takuya Wakaoka – 3 hours, 44 minutes and 2 seconds
  • 2nd Hiroyuki Matsuda – 3 hours, 45 minutes and 46 seconds
  • 3rd Vicente Beneito – 4 hours 8 minutes
  • 4th Nicolyay Kotenkov – 4 hours 14 minutes
  • 5th Maigua Ojeda Perez – 4 hours 56 minutes – 1st lady!!
  • 8th - Paul Lockwood
  • 9th - Yasmin Stoderegger2nd lady!!
  • 10th - Iain Court
  • 11th - Christoph Castelberg

Checkpoint 1 - has closed and people are moving faster now that they are up the big climb.  

Checkpoint 2 - there are only 10 people left to reach here. 

After Checkpoint 2 they head into the dunes.

Checkpoint 3 - 29 people have passed through. The most recent were:

  • Winnie Khattar
  • Team Stand With Hong Kong
  • Denis Keliher
  • Hugo Weston

There is one withdrawal, Keith Gayhart.

At the race, 46% are completing their first ever RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon.
Among those that have completed a race before are 15 who are set for the 4 Deserts Grand Slam (or Plus) which means that they will race all 4 Deserts Ultramarathons in 12 months.  Four of these people are taking on this feat for the second time (10+ years after their first). The Gobi March is their second race in this series after they successfully completed the Namib Race. 

The list of these people is below and you can read more about why and when they chose to take on the 4 Deserts Grand Slam.

Keep following those dots and we'll be back with another update soon.

Stage 3: Updates 4 Hours Into Stage 3

Tue, 25 Jun 2024 at 12 00 pm

Four hours into Stage 3 and only the front four racers are through Checkpoint 3, the last one before the finishline. 

1st and 2nd for both the men and women have switched with the Hiroyuki Matsuda and Maigua Ojeda Perez currently in the lead for the men / women respectively.  We expect the leaders to arrive at Camp soon and will see what the results show.

Checkpoint 1 is still open but expected to close soon.

It was an exciting start to Stage 3 up a steep rocky hill.  Watch this video of the leaders going up the hill to get an idea of what it is like.

Today is a tough day, but so far everyone is moving along nicely.

Please note that a few of the trackers are not receiving correctly so don't panic if your friend is not where you expect them to be. There were no new withdrawals after Stage 2.

Remember to send messages of support and comments on blogs - they will appreciate the love after today as they go into The Long March tomorrow:

  • Send a Message from the Results Page (find your friend and click "send an email")
  • Comment on the blogs.

 Relive any of the action you missed from Stage  2:




Stage 3: Stage 3 - From the Mountains to the Dune

Tue, 25 Jun 2024 at 08 04 am
Stage 3 of the Gobi March started at 8am. There were 112 competitors at the start line. 
Today’s Stage is called FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE DUNES. The course starts with a steep climb straight up the rocky mountain behind the Camp to Ovgon Khiid Monastery with Stupas at the top. Then mainly downhill and into the dunes.
Distance: 40 km / 25 miles
Elevation: +696m / - 803m
The first racer is expected to take less than 4 hours and the last people to take around 11 hours.

Tomorrow is the Long March so today is about preserving energy and getting in as early as you can in order to get as much rest as possible.
Remember all updates on the Gobi March Live Page, including RESULTS, hundreds of PHOTOSVIDEOS from each Stage including interviews with competitors, and BLOGS written by the racers after each Stage.
Be sure to send them messages of support within the next 4 hours to receive before the Long March. They will appreciate all the encouragement they can get.
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Stage 3: Breaking News

Fri, 28 Apr 2023 at 02 11 pm
Breaking News for Stage 3 of the Gobi March 2024 will be added Tuesday, 25 June.