Blogs for Gobi March (Mongolia) 2023

Blogs are first-hand accounts written by racers before, during and after each race. They are a great resource for those embarking on a multi-day stage race.

Richard Behringer


Jul 2023

Post-Race Reflections

I finished! This was certainly not a given considering my experience last year in the Atacama Crossing. Plus, I know that random things can occur duri ...

Robert Ripley


Jul 2023

Gobi Blog Wrap Up

Happy Independence Day to all of you Americans!   Well. It’s a wrap.   I apologize to those of you who were expecting a blog repor ...

Keith Gayhart


Jun 2023

Gobi March Race Report:

Pinched between Russia and China, Mongolia is both a vast country and the most sparsely populated on Earth. Its relative isolation has kept the desert ...

Janet Steer


Jun 2023

Day 6

I can’t believe I’m saying this… but I think I’ve got this in the bag! Was really proud of my 42km today in under 7 hours. 4 ...

David Grosse


Jun 2023


A gentle yomp into Karakorum and a spectacular monestry finish.  Followed by the first proper food and drink i have managed to consume for many ...

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