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Jan 2020

Train well, Eat well, Race well...!

So many expert articles available to help you prepare for our races. Here's one you should definitely read. Training and eating well - 2 essential elements to a good race! 


Jan 2020

Teamwork makes the dream work!

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Why not make your #2020goals easier to achieve by running the #gobimarch in a team? Read all about the benefits of running with others and don't forget to register!! #youknowyouwant to


Dec 2019

Alex Flynn Tackles Parkinson's by getting ready for the 4 Deserts Grand Slam 2020!

An ultra-endurance athlete planning to ‘make history’ by completing a host of staggeringly tough events has spoken movingly about how Parkinson’s disease changed his life. 


Dec 2019

Blogs - Exciting Race Diaries

A great read for Christmas: the past Gobi March's reflections on the race.  These blogs are exciting race diaries and a world of Information for you preparing or considering the race! 


Dec 2019

Need Training Tips for the Gobi March?

Contact us and we will send you three great Training Plans to choose from. 


Dec 2019

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas?

Gobi's about that time when you should be looking towards gathering all equipment ahead of the race in June! If you're missing things...why not ask Santa!!!? 


Nov 2019

Gobi Marchers ASSEMBLE!

7 months until you take on the incredible Mongolian challenge. To share top tips, advice, have your questions answered, help others with problems - head to the new GOBI MARCH (MONGOLIA) 2020 page on facebook! 


Nov 2019

Ten MUST VISIT destinations in Mongolia

Competing in the Gobi March 2020 doesn't just mean running across 250km of the most scenic, undulating, breathtaking deserts in the's also an open invitation to visit some of the MUST SEE destinations in Asia. Join us this year and Discover Mongolia!! 


Oct 2019

Video Highlights from Gobi March 2019

What's the Gobi March all about? Watch this video summary of the race and you'll know all about it: From competitors check-in to the finishline, the video includes the best insights and competitor interviews. Ordinary people achieving the Extraordinary.... See you next year!!!!


Oct 2019

Discovering Mongolia - one of the world's largest dinosaur graveyards.

The Daily Telegraph goes in search of fossils in the Gobi Desert...race with us, maybe you'll find yours?