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Apr 2019

Want to be a 4Deserts Grand Slammer?...Australia's Jacqui Bell Shares her 'Top Tips'

She's the youngest in the world to complete the 4Deserts Grand Slam. 24-year-old Jacqui Bell tells GQ magazine how to 'pound the pavement with confidence' 


Apr 2019

NAMIB RACE "Race of Champions" - LIVE Race Coverage begins 28th April

Pre-race updates will begin Friday 26th April. Follow us @racingtheplanet on Twitter and Instagram for all BREAKING NEWS. #racingtheplanet #morethanarace


Apr 2019

Got tickets? Got trainers? Got a visa? Need a visa? PLEASE check the travel update...Gobi beckons!

Hey, all you intrepid travelers heading to Mongolia in July...PLEASE check emails. We have sent a travel reminder! Got your VISA? Need a VISA? we're here to help if so. Don't forget to book your plane tickets! Excited yet...? #morethanarace


Apr 2019

Considering an Ultramarathon? Want to know more? You're Cordially Invited...Lyon, France

Want to know more about stage racing? Is it for you? Runners of all ages and abilities are welcome! Christophe Santini, Champion of RacingThePlanet's Ultramarathon 2019 in New Zealand will talk about his recent win and experiences with ultramarathon events. Look forward to seeing you!


Mar 2019

Calling All Bloggers!!!

Enjoy writing? Fully immersed in training and preparing for the incredible journey The Gobi March will take you on? Want to share your stories? Head to our blog site to find out more. We'd LOVE to hear from you!


Mar 2019

A CELEBRATION of WOMEN - #internationalwomensday 2019!!

To all the amazing women around the world...HUGE respect for what you accomplish and for who you are. Check out the incredible ladies who are 4Desert CHAMPIONS!!


Feb 2019

RacingThePlanet: New Zealand LIVE

Live coverage from the South Island from 3 - 9 March 2019.


Feb 2019

Are you INTERESTED? Are you GOING? Save The Date! #GM19

As the 2019 Gobi March (Mongolia) draws ever closer, you're invited to the FB page. Share advice, plans, ask questions and meet the competitors. #morethanarace


Feb 2019

Magnificent Mongolia! Check out our 'Featured Video' for a glimpse of what's to come!

In July 2019 competitors will begin a 250km trek across some of the most stunning desert in the world. View some of the highlights here!


Feb 2019

Want to run an ultra marathon? #Lifegoals

Are you in Singapore or Zurich? Join us for a great introduction and overview to stage-racing. #morethanarace