About the Gobi March

The Gobi March is a 7-day, 250 km / 155 mile footrace that takes place in the stunning Karakorum region of Central Mongolia. Through the seven days competitors traverse through the vast Mongolian steppes, sand dunes and great rock valleys as they complete the 250-kilometer / 155-mile course. The race goes through the Khar Bukh Balgas Fortress, many stupas and temples, traditional Mongolian ger villages, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of the Orkhon Valley and finally ends at the Ancient City of Karakorum.


  • 21 Jun 2024

    Competitors Arrive (hotel provided)
  • 22 Jun 2024

    Race Check-In & Go to Camp 1
  • 23 Jun 2024

    Race Starts
  • 23 Jun 2024 - to - 29 Jun 2024

    Stage 1 - To - Stage 6 take place
  • 29 Jun 2024

    Awards Banquet (hotel provided)
  • 30 Jun 2024

    Event Concludes

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  • 01 Dec 2023 Zoom Info Session: Antarctica

    Join Us on Zoom:  Everything to Know About The Last Desert, Antarctica's Only Multi-Day Stage Race
    Sunday, 10 December @8pm GMT (London) / @3pm EST (New York) and Monday, 11 December / @4am Hong Kong / @5am Tokyo / @7am Sydney / @12am Dubai.  Register.

  • 28 Nov 2023 Personal Trainers

    We've got the best personal trainers, all with experience at a RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts race. Our latest to join is Jeremy Inabnit who just placed second overall at the Atacama Crossing 2023.  We encourage you to reach out to a personal trainer to help you meet your goals.

  • 11 Nov 2023 Feel What It's Like to Travel in Mongolia

    Mongolia has so much to offer travelers who are looking for wide open spaces, adventure and culture. Squeezed between Russia and China, Mongolia might seem hard to reach, but its doors are open thanks to a tourism campaign that has eased visa restrictions through 2025.

  • 03 Nov 2023 Lonely Planet: Mongolia Named Top Place to Visit in 2024!!

    We aren't surprised, but see the news article.

  • 08 Oct 2023 Sign up for a Blog on the Gobi March Site

    Sign up for a Blog at the Gobi March. It's a great way for your friends and family to follow your progress. The blogs were one of the most viewed pages on the website at the recent Atacama Crossing in Chile.

  • 30 Sep 2023 Scotty Hawker and Tanja Volm have Won the Atacama Crossing

    After an extremely hot week where the weather was unseasonably warm, Scotty Hawker of New Zealand and Tanja Volm of Germany triumphed over the other racers to win the 17th Atacama Crossing.  The Atacama Crossing has now concluded. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the startline. 

  • 31 Aug 2023 Gobi March: A 250km walk in the Mongolian Desert

    Read Italian Giuseppe Didonna's first-hand account of the Gobi March 2023. Giuseppe had been living and working in Turkey when a tragic earthquake occurred and he decided to sign up for the Gobi March to raise money for the victims.

  • 22 Aug 2023 How This 52-Year-Old Crushed His First Ultra, One of the Hardest Races in the World

    Ken Rideout had never slept in a tent, run with a backpack, or been in a race longer than 26.2 miles — but when the 52-year-old heard about the grueling Gobi March ultramarathon, something told him he could win it.

  • 18 Aug 2023 Nomadic life in Mongolia's harsh conditions

    See a CNN feature on life in a ger. Gobi March competitors will spend one night in a ger.

  • 16 Aug 2023 First-Person with Former Peace Corps Volunteer Jacqueline Eastridge

    How did I come to be Operations Manager for the Gobi March in Mongolia? It’s a crazy story...


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