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Jul 2019

Get Your 'Blog-On' And Join The Fun!

Hey hey, Gobi Marchers...the bloggers have woken and there's chit chat galore! Check out the comments and add yours! Time to get jiggy with it...just a couple of weeks before you're staring down that start line...Exciting!!!


Jul 2019

Introducing 4 x Guinness World Record Holder, Fiona Oakes.

"...if you aren't feeling nervous ahead of these races, you aren't giving them the respect they deserve." The fastest woman to run a marathon on each continent talks animals, veganism, and why she's running the Gobi March (Mongolia) 2019 in a 'Percy the cow' costume...!


Jun 2019

Need to ensure a peaceful night's sleep? It's TENT REQUEST TIME!!

Sharing a tent with other competitors is a big part of the experience and lots of fun. Don't forget to send us any requests for tent mates by 20 June. We will then work on the puzzle and the tent assignments will be sent out in the Official Competitor Information-book in a few weeks :) Check out the photo's to give you a taster of camp life!


Jun 2019

The Final Equipment List Is Out

Less than two months to go! How heavy or light will your backpack be? Snap a toothbrush to save some weight or will you bring more comforts to the race? Don't forget to review the Final Equipment List to make sure you have all mandatory items on the list...


May 2019

VISA...tick; MEDICAL FORMS...tick; PASSPORT...tick!!!

It's a chore...but it's mandatory...GM19 competitors - forms are coming your way. Please please don't forget to fill them out. Without them, all the hard work will be for nothing! Any other questions you may have...head to FAQs to find out more.


May 2019


Want to know what's in store? Head to our pressroom to read more about the race, and what to expect in Ultrarunning World Magazine. 


May 2019

GOBI MARCH-ERS...Follow the Namib Race competitors to the very end...You're up next!!

You can follow progress on facebook or via our breaking news on the website. Trainers/backpacks/nutrition at the ready!!


May 2019

GOBI MARCH TV SPECIAL: Want to know what's in store?

As well as the awesome videos available on #RacingThePlanet youtube channel - this Friday 3rd May, on BEIN sports (FOXTEL) Australia, you can watch a 30 minute special on Gobi March (Mongolia) filmed during last years race. If you have a VPN you should be able to watch. 
6:30pm - 7pm AEST on BEIN sports (FOXTEL)

With the Namib Race well underway, it's time for the Gobi March competitors to get serious!


Apr 2019

Want to be a 4Deserts Grand Slammer?...Australia's Jacqui Bell Shares her 'Top Tips'

She's the youngest in the world to complete the 4Deserts Grand Slam. 24-year-old Jacqui Bell tells GQ magazine how to 'pound the pavement with confidence' 


Apr 2019

NAMIB RACE "Race of Champions" - LIVE Race Coverage begins 28th April

Pre-race updates will begin Friday 26th April. Follow us @racingtheplanet on Twitter and Instagram for all BREAKING NEWS. #racingtheplanet #morethanarace