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Nov 2019

Ten MUST VISIT destinations in Mongolia

Competing in the Gobi March 2020 doesn't just mean running across 250km of the most scenic, undulating, breathtaking deserts in the's also an open invitation to visit some of the MUST SEE destinations in Asia. Join us this year and Discover Mongolia!! 


Oct 2019

Video Highlights from Gobi March 2019

What's the Gobi March all about? Watch this video summary of the race and you'll know all about it: From competitors check-in to the finishline, the video includes the best insights and competitor interviews. Ordinary people achieving the Extraordinary.... See you next year!!!!


Oct 2019

Discovering Mongolia - one of the world's largest dinosaur graveyards.

The Daily Telegraph goes in search of fossils in the Gobi Desert...race with us, maybe you'll find yours?


Sep 2019

15th Atacama Crossing is now LIVE

Follow all the LIVE coverage from the Atacama Desert in Chile for the 15th edition of the Atacama Crossing.


Sep 2019

Diary of a Gobi Marcher.

We can wax lyrical about how good the Gobi March is until, quite literally, the two-humped camels come home...but the best way to find out is to read the diaries of those who have trodden the Gobi path themselves. If you're doing the Gobi March 2020, why not start a blog yourself? It's quick and easy to set up. Let us know how you're starting to prepare - training, hydration, food. Any top tips for your fellow competitors? We'd love to read how you're getting on!


Sep 2019


An EPIC JOURNEY should be on everyone's 'to-do' list. Whether it's on your own, in a team, in a car, on a bike, on a bus...or on foot! Running or walking, or a little bit of both. Hang on a minute...we have just the ticket! #gobimarch2020 - read all about it here. Registrations are OPEN NOW go on... #dosomethingepic


Aug 2019

Roll up, roll up...Gobi March 2020 draw is open!!

The sun may have set on the Gobi March 2019, backpacks put away, medals hung, but for the next round of hopefuls, the journey is only just beginning!! If you'd like to be part of one of the most amazing stage races on the planet - what are you waiting for!? Register NOW to start your own incredible adventure! really is #morethanarace


Aug 2019

The Gobi March 2019 has concluded

Congratulations to Stefan Zuber of Switzerland and Amanda de Kock of South Africa, the champions, and all the competitors, volunteers, medical team and local staff!!!!


Jul 2019

Who will win the Gobi March 2019 next week?

The 2019 edition of the Gobi March starts on Sun, 28 July. Read this preview of the line up of competitors taking part. 


Jul 2019

Get Your 'Blog-On' And Join The Fun!

Hey hey, Gobi Marchers...the bloggers have woken and there's chit chat galore! Check out the comments and add yours! Time to get jiggy with it...just a couple of weeks before you're staring down that start line...Exciting!!!