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The Stage Update is a summary of each stage of the race which will be posted within a few hours of the conclusion of each stage.


Stage 2 was stunning!  Wow!  Stage 2 began at 8 am (Namibia time) with everyone starting the Stage titled "Moon Valley."  Prior to the start there was lots of cheering when the top three men and women were called out.  Racers set off, running and walking from an abandoned Ostrich farm before climbing into the stunning Moon Valley with 360 degree views of rolling parched landscape in the Namib Desert.  From this plateau racers continued on until they reached the bottom of the Khan River. During this Stage 2, racers were treated to many sightings of some of the oldest plants in the world called "Welwitschia." These plants are some 1000 years old.  Heat was a constant issue during the day with some racers feeling faint.  See the course details below.

The top finishers of Stage 2 in the Namib Race 2021 included:
Radmir Bickmetov, Russia, 1st overall
Liss Vallestrand, Norway, 1st woman

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