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Jan 2020

Getting to know Team AHO

We welcome back colourful Team AHO from Japan for the Namib Race 2020. But who are they?


Dec 2019

Alex's Flynn's Inspiring story

Read a recent article in 'Metro' Newspaper about Alex Flynn. He has overcome incredible odds, to attempt, in 2020 to become the first British competitor to complete the Grand Slam plus. He starts his campaign in Namibia in April.


Dec 2019

What equipment do I need for the Namib Race?

Have a look at each of the 35 equipment items needed for the Namib Race. Maybe some could make it onto your Christmas list?


Nov 2019

The Himba People

You will see and hear the Himba people at the Namib Race. Every night they sing as they tend the race campfires and boil water for dinner. RacingThePlanet races getting you closer to Namibia's culture. 

Click the title to watch a short film on the Himba people.


Nov 2019

Training plans for a 250K self supported race.

Look through our professionally constructed training plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced competitors. Its never too early to start getting a base fitness..


Oct 2019

2020 is a RacingThePlanet Grand Slam Plus Year!

What is the Grand Slam and Grand Slam Plus? 2020 is a special year as we are hosting all 5 races with in one year! Do you have what it takes?!



Oct 2019

New York Times Article - Bones In The Sand

Read a recent feature published by the New York Times about the Skeleton Coast and its shipwrecks. 


Sep 2019

15th Atacama Crossing is now LIVE

Follow all the LIVE coverage from the Atacama Desert in Chile for the 15th edition of the Atacama Crossing.


Sep 2019

Breaking Boundaries

Many inspirational people take part in the race series - read about Alex Flynn was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2008 at the age of 36 - who is not letting anything stand in his way of taking on the Grand Slam Plus in 2020.


Sep 2019

First Blog for Namib 2020

Follow Mabasa as he starts with his training and preparation for the Namib Race 2020.  Starting a blog is a great way to get advice, and keep track of your progress!