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Sep 2019

First Blog for Namib 2020

Follow Mabasa as he starts with his training and preparation for the Namib Race 2020.  Starting a blog is a great way to get advice, and keep track of your progress!


Aug 2019

Ideas For Your Time In Namibia

Namibia is a beautiful country with many areas to explore, here are some tips that will you to explore the areas either before or after your race.


Aug 2019

Our world class photographers and Videographers

We use world class photographers and videographers to document our races. Looking back at your special moments and acheivements is priceless, these memories last forever! Watch the recently concluded Gobi March 2019 Slideshow


Jul 2019

Women in Ultra and Multi Stage Races

Are women really better suited to take on ultra distance races? Will we ever have an overall female winner? 


Jul 2019

Amazing Video of the Gobi March Race 2018 - Part 2

The concluding episode of the NHKWorld footage. Only available until July 14th!!


Jun 2019

Amazing video of the Gobi March Race 2018 - Part 1

Watch the 2018 edition of the race unfold. Amazing footage presented by NHK World - Japan. Available until July 7 Only. Part 2 available June 30


Jun 2019

Harry's Namib Race training for 2019 Edition

Read and watch the video on the press release of Harry's adventure in Namib Race 2019. 


May 2019

Blogs to get you inspired

Reading about other runners and hikers experiences in the desert can be the best way to inspire and prepare for your next challenge


May 2019

Highlights from Namib Race 2019

Check out the Namib Race 2019 Highlight Video which showcases everything you have to look forward to at the Namib Race 2020!


May 2019

See you at the Namib Race 2020?!

And that's a wrap. The 2019 edition of the Namib Race has come to an end. Full results, hundreds of photos, some videos, blogs, stage updates and more are on the website. Are you inspired to join the fun in 2020??!!