Volunteers at the Atacama Crossing 2022


RacingThePlanet seeks an international and diverse group of high caliber individuals to serve as volunteers. Selection criteria includes the ability to speak English. We also consider prior event experience, additional languages, staff member and/or competitor recommendations, special skills, outdoor experience, fitness level, and, most importantly, positive attitude. Volunteer selection is made on an ongoing basis according to the needs of each event. Volunteers typically range in age from 21-80 years of age. Great effort is made to select a wide range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds.


Each race has 15-20 volunteers who work closely with the management team. Volunteer training takes place 1-2 days before the race. Volunteers assist with competitor check-in and are assigned to checkpoints and the campsite to administer water and scorekeeping, to 'sweep' the course (by walking at the back of the pack in each stage), 'rove' the course (which involves walking or riding in a vehicle to check on competitors on the course), and a handful of other assignments which may vary according to event. Many assignments will change throughout the week - the days can be long and the work intense at times. For those selected, the experience is extraordinary.


Prior to the race, we provide specialized training in the areas of checkpoint set-up and procedures, camp duties and procedures, emergency procedures, competitor relations, radio and satellite communications, sweeping and media (Cybertent) operations. The skills learned as a volunteer are invaluable.


The volunteer experience is set up to be almost identical to that of the competitor, except that you work as support and have access to a 4x4 vehicle. Volunteers are expected to also be self-supported while on the course, carrying their own food (water and a place in a tent are provided) and minimal equipment. In addition, volunteers are provided with hotel accommodations and meals before and after the event (including the Awards Banquet). Volunteers are also given an official race top(s) and cap.


Volunteer applications are welcome throughout the year. Volunteers are selected on an ongoing basis as we have space available. Volunteer places are in high demand, so apply early. To apply for a place, complete the online volunteer application. If you have additional questions, contact us at [email protected].