About The Last Desert

The Last Desert is the only multi-day race on the Antarctic continent. The Last Desert in Antarctica is one of the most incredible journeys in the world. Competitors traverse up to 250 km / 155 miles across the largest desert in the world which is often referred to as the "White Desert". The race is held around the Antarctic Peninsula which has a remarkable history of polar exploration and whaling. The scenic backdrop includes icebergs, mountains, research bases, seals, birds and penguins.


  • 22 Nov 2022

    Competitor Briefing, Board Ship and Leave Ushuaia
  • 23 Nov 2022

    At Sea
  • 24 Nov 2022

    At Sea
  • 25 Nov 2022 - to - 01 Dec 2022

    Up - To - 6 Stages Completed in Antarctica
  • 02 Dec 2022

    At Sea
  • 03 Dec 2022

    At Sea
  • 04 Dec 2022

    Return to Ushuaia and Disembark Ship

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  • 19 Jan 2022 The World's Largest Desert

    Some think 'HOT' when the word desert is mentioned but did you know that Antarctica is the world's largest desert? The Antarctic polar desert covers the continent of Antarctica and has a size of about 5.5 million square miles. See what some of the competitors endured in 2018. 

  • 12 Jan 2022 Celebrating The Challenge!

    We celebrate all of those racers who have managed to complete The Last Desert since 2006 and look forward to sharing this incredible race with even more in 2022, including those who are attempting the 4 Deserts Grand Slam and 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus.

  • 05 Jan 2022 Setting Records In Antarctica

    Lucy Rivers Bulkeley will become the only woman to have run all 4 Deserts Ultras and to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Only one other person has so far accomplished the feat; the Canadian Leonard Stanmore. Find out more about her incredible adventure!

  • 31 Dec 2021 Happy New Year!

    As we step into the New Year many of us our searching for what our next big challenge will be - look no further, we've got you covered! Here's what we have lined up for 2022 and beyond.

  • 24 Dec 2021 Seasons Greetings!

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at RacingThePlanet! A big thank you to our community for your continued support during these challenging times. We have such an exciting year planned for 2022 and are looking forward to sharing it all with you! 

  • 22 Dec 2021 Prepare for the Unexpected

    Antarctica's motto is "Prepare for the Unexpected. Change is a given." As we prepare for the 9th edition scheduled for November 2022, we remember some of the great moments of weather, wildlife, out-of-this-world landscapes, 20+ hour sunlight, deep snow, the expedition ship and so many laughs. 

  • 15 Dec 2021 4 Deserts Club

    As part of the 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series, competitors may aspire to join the 4 Deserts Club. In order to become a member, one must successfully complete all four races in the series. Competitors that successfully complete these races will receive a 4 Deserts medal and join one of the most elite clubs in the world. 

  • 08 Dec 2021 Everything you need to know about The Last Desert Ultra

    This recording of a Zoom call covers everything from getting to the host town, the expedition ship, the format, the equipment and more ....

  • 01 Dec 2021 Why is Antarctica so special?

    Where do we start? Antarctica is the world's highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent. Its record low temperature is -94°C. But it doesn't actually snow much – the Antarctic is so dry it's classed as a polar desert. Past Racers said: "That was the most remarkable days of my life.", "I would give anything to return.", "My life will never be the same."

  • 24 Nov 2021 Ever wanted to run with penguins?

    There are so many penguins in Antarctica that you we will guarantee you will see hundreds. You will have to give way to them when they use the race course as a slide but they will make you laugh out loud!

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