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LONELY PLANET: Epic Runs of the World

Jun 25 2019   Epic Runs of the World - RacingThePlanet.

BEAT YESTERDAY: Opponent Pain Running in the Oven

Jun 24 2019   Dörte Schreinert walked through Namibia. In brooding heat. Despite the premature task, it was one of her greatest successes. Her journey - and what she teaches us - in six chapters.

BBC: 'I Was Addicted to Drugs, Now I'm Addicted to Running'

Jun 16 2019   Six ultramarathon runners from the UK and beyond share their reasons for running such gruelling distances.

TW APPLE DAILY: Kevin Lin (Taiwan) Interview, Namib Race 2019

Jun 15 2019   Kevin Lin shares his experience in Namib Race 2019.

THE EDGE: Munir did RacingThePlanet: New Zealand

Jun 07 2019   Facing 50, Singapore-based banker Munir Nanji embarked on a gruelling 250km race to raise money for youths in Kenya. He tells Options how meticulous planning and ancient philosophies helped him push past his limits and how the experience changed him.

MONEYFM 89.3: Business lessons from Marathons

Jun 07 2019   James Walton, SouthEast Asia Sports Business Group Leader, Deloitte and Munir Nanji, Head of Global Subsidiaries Group Asia Pacific Banking, Citi, shares more about lessons that can be taken away from the sport into the corporate world.

TRAIL RUN: Worrying About the Cold Wasn't Going to Warm Up That Ice Desert

Jun 03 2019   Mick Hogan has no interest in getting faster. He just wants to see as much of the world as he can, including the very edges of it.

STUFF: Wild Wellingtonian Completes 259km Footrace Across the African Desert

May 28 2019   Months of hard work training on the streets and beaches of Wellington has paid dividends for Harry Cunningham who this month completed an ultramarathon across the blistering hot Nambian desert.

TRAIL ENDURANCE: 4 Deserts Club Member Cécile Bertin Shares Her 4 Deserts Experience in the Trail Endurance Magazine

May 21 2019   4 Deserts Club member Cécile Bertin shares her 4 Deserts experience.

BHP: You Can Do Great Things with Planning (Spanish Versión)

May 15 2019   Third in its category finallzo the contract manager of the collaborating company Sodexo, Mario Sampalo, in the Namib Race 2019, one of the toughest extreme competitions in the world, with which he completes three of the four races carried out by the organization Racing The Planet in the deserts of the world.

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