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Stage 2: Liss Vallestrand and Radmir Bickmetov take Stage 2

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 at 02 44 pm
We have the top finishers of Stage 2 in the Namib Race 2021:
Radmir Bickmetov, Russia, 1st overall
Liss Vallestrand, Norway, 1st woman

Through CP3 in order, in addition to the above-mentioned top finishers:

Robert Ripley, United States
Ben Dame, Germany
Jeff Pelletier, Canada
Kim Alvarez, Spain
Frode Lein, Norway
Mabasa, Namibia
Max Barnes United Kingdom
Wolfgang Kaluza, Switzerland
Ahmed Al Katheeri, UAE
Kasia Glowacka, Poland
Gabriella Methisen, Norway
Mathias Bickel, Germany
Olivier Vriesendorp, The Netherlands
Beth Whitman, United States
Hans Kaluza, Germany
Rishat Gaisin, Russia
Corrine Klajda, Poland
Eyal Shimoni, Israel
Vladmi do Santos, Brazil
Atul Patki, India
Sofi Chahin, Honduras
Bis Saravia, Guatemala
Jack Fierstadt, United States

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Caption:  Kim Alvarez of Spain.

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Caption:  Frode Lein and Liss Vallestrand of Norway

Stage 2: Stage 2 Update from the Namib

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 at 11 39 am
 As of 11:39 am in Namibia, the following racers are through CP3 and CP2:
1. Radmir Bickmetov, Russia, 2:55,
2. Robert Ripley, United States, 3:01
3.  Ben Dame, Germany, 3:03
4.  Jeff Pelletier, Canada, 3:16
Through CP2,  include, in addition to those above:

Kim Alvarez, Spain
Mabasa Mubatapasango, Namibia
Frode Lein, Norway
Liss Vallestrand, Norway
Max Barnes, United Kingdom
Wolfgang Kirschmayr, Switzerland
Ahmed Al Katheeri, UAE
Kasia Glowacka, Poland
Mathias Bickel, Germany
Olivier Vriesendorp, The Netherlands
Beth Whitman, United States
Hans Kaluza, Germany
Rishat Gaisin, Russia
Corinne Klajda, Poland

Caption:  Corinne Klajda of Poland

Stage 2: Stage 2 Update and the Welwitschia Plant

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 at 10 54 am
Radmir Bickmetov of Russia is the first through CP2 on Stage 2.  Kasia Glowacka of Poland is the first female through CP1.  Others through CP1 include Ben Dame of Germany, Robert Ripley of the United States, Jeff Pelletier of Canada, Kim Alvarez of Spain, Mabasa Mubatapasango of Namibia, Lein Frode of Norway, Eyal Shimoni of Israel, Max Barnes of the United Kingdom, Wolfgang Kirchmayr of Switzerland, Olivier Vriesendorp of the The Netherlands, , Gabriela Mathisen of Norway, Mathias Bickel of Germany and Beth Whitman of the United States.

Caption:  Radmir Bickmetov of Russia and Ben Dame of Germany.

Volunteers and competitors at CP2 will be rewarded with the blooming national flower of Namibia called the Welwitschia. These flowers are thought to be more than 1000 years old.

Caption: Course Director Carlos Garcia marvels at Namibia's national plant, the Welwitschia.

Stage 2: Stage 2, Moon Valley, Began at 8 am with All Starting

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 at 09 00 am
Stage 2 began at 8 am (Namibia time) with everyone starting the Stage titled "Moon Valley."  Prior to the start there was lots of cheering when the top three men and women were called out.  Today's Stage 2 starts from an abandoned Ostrich farm, with the course climbing into Moon Valley until it reaches the bottom of the Khan River. Competitors can expect to see some of the oldest plants in the world called "Welwitschia." These plants are some 1000 years old.  See the course details below.

Caption:  Competitors prepare for Stage 2.

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Caption:  Sofia Chahin of Honduras.
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Stage 2: Breaking News

Fri, 02 Oct 2020 at 06 21 pm

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