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Post Race: Race Recap, Awards Banquet, and THANK YOU

Sun, 05 May 2024 at 11 25 am
The Namib Race 2024 concluded last evening at the Awards Banquet held at the Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre.  The Overall Champions, Official and Group Team Winners, Age Group Awards and Spirit and Sportsmanship Awards are shown below:

Overall Champion: 
Vicente Juan Beneito (Spain), 25:03:46

Women's Champion: 
Deborah Walker (Australia), 32:53:46

Official Team Winner: 
1st, Team Jeanne & Adam (Jeanne Chen (US), Adam Park (UK))

Group Team Winner:
1st, Team Poll
Amarillo (Vicente Juan Beneito (Spain), Christian Colque (Argentina), Jeison Duarte da Costa (Brazil))

Men's Age Group Awards:
1st, 29 and Under:  Kian Askari (Germany)
1st, 30-39:  Roshan Chhotu (UK)
1st, 40-49:  Martin Kalwenya (Namibia)
1st, 50-59:  Gonazgue Bataille (France)
1st, 60-69:  Consuelo Senn (Switzerland)
1st, 70 and Older:  Ivan Schmidt (Denmark)

Women's Age Group Awards:
1st, 30-39: Jeanne Chen (US)
1st, 40-49:  Pamela Vurayai (Namibia)  
1st 50-59:  Kim Bueno (US)
1st, 60-69: Patty Clune (Canada)

Spirit Award:  Sangwoo RYU (Korea)

Sportsmanship Award:  Heather Flaherty (US), Jennyfer Townsend (New Zealand), Morlie Wang (US), Lisa Brown (US)

THANK YOU to the 122 competitors who arrived in Namibia after countless hours of training and preparations.  Every single one of you, whether you made it to the finish line or not, are heroes.

The Namib Race could not have been possible without the support of a 100 individuals on ground, including the incredible course team (led by Thomas Bohne), the volunteer team (led by Tony Brammer), the medical team (led by Dr Dave Young) and the media team (Thiago Diz and Andre Gemmer), which assembled from around the world -- a HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIRELESS WORK DURING THE WEEK.  Thank you also to Samantha Fanshawe, the Event Director, who oversaw every detail of the race and shines in everything she does.  A final TREMENDOUS thank you to our valuable local team, led by Francois Snyder and Oliver Ahrens, and the hard-working and professional vehicle drivers and camp staff. You are all the very best.

Please join us for our next race: the Gobi March in Mongolia which begins on 23 June 2024.

If you have feedback on the race coverage, please send it to us at [email protected] so we can continue to improve.

Post Race: Breaking News

Wed, 14 Feb 2024 at 12 00 pm
 The Breaking News for Post Race of the Namib Race 2024 will be posted on Sunday, 5 May 2024.