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Race Coverage

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  Zeana Haroun, member of the management team of RacingThePlanet, will run the Atacama Crossing 2019!   Have you ever thought to yourself during a morning briefing when you legs are tired and you ran out of coffee "I wonder if the even ... View More
After spending 7 days running 155 miles through the desert, sleeping in a tent and eating dehydrated food having not showered for the week racers are usually excited for a burgers, pizzas, beers and showers but above all it is often their families th ... View More
“The most chilled town I've ever visited” said two-time 4 Deserts competitor and three-time volunteer Natasha. “It hasn't changed much since the first time I was there 11 years to when I volunteered for 4 Deserts more recently. ... View More
When Greg Nance casually suggested to his father that they both compete in the Atacama Crossing 2018, Mike Nance was unsure whether he wanted to make the commitment. “I’ve done a lot of running and hiking in my time -- much of it long ago ... View More
What’s not to love about this iconic race, in the driest of the deserts in the 4 Deserts Race Series and the world! The Atacama Desert is situated in the north of Chile and some areas have never been known to receive even a drop of rainfall ... View More