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22 March 2024 07:45 pm (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

37 more sleeps until awakening to stage 1 in Namibia.  This will be a third Racing the Planet experience for me and one that has been long awaited after the cancellation of Jordan 2023.  Each race has been an encounter with the unknown and the opportunity to dig deep, explore facets of the psyche that normally remain dormant, and to feel a sense of accomplishment for handling each challenge along the way to the finish line.  Atacama 2022 brought sand storms, evacuation, and swept away course markings that taught me to be resourceful, calm and face challenges head on.....Gobi 2023 brought a new adventure with feet that taught me I can live each moment one at a time and find an inner strength I didn't know existed to push on.  I am excited for another opportunity to most of all connect with the family of friends that I have made in past races.  This is a much awaited reunion and a chance to reconnect. Each RTP experience has changed me as a racer and as a person. I look forward to yet another life changing expeirence!

For those who are new to Racing the Planet, my one piece of wisdom would be to prepare yourself to encounter the unexpected and for your plan to change along the way. You will face challenges that you did not expect and will have the opportunity to exercise your mental muscle. Rely on your pre-race prep and your own inner wisdom. Excited to meet everyone in Swakopmund in a little more than a month! Stay healthy and train strong!

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Richard Behringer

Posted On: 24 Mar 2024 12:57 am

You are 100% correct. Unexpected things can and will happen during the race (sand storm!). Stay calm. Take a few minutes to think things through and rest/hydrate/eat. Then, if you can, start again, one foot in front of the other. Look to the others on the course for advice and encouragement and before you know it you will be at camp.

Sam Fanshawe

Posted On: 23 Mar 2024 06:12 pm

These are wise words Kristina! I can't wait to see you and Bob in Swakopmund.