Our Top 10 Reasons to Join us for RacingThePlanet: Georgia 2021

Everyone here at RacingThePlanet is super excited to be back racing again. After 18 months of solo training and virtual runs, we’re finally able to see the community again in person! What better place to kick things off than the charming and colourful country of Georgia. 

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should join us:

1. Racing for real

Remember what it was like to toe the line of an epic seven-day adventure? All the preparation, training and work, ready to burst through the gates and take on the challenges that come your way. 

2. A more exciting reason to wear a facial covering

Whether your reason is to keep you warm or cool you off, or maybe as protection from a sandstorm adventure – so much fun is waiting for us!

3. Pack that suitcase and head out for an adventure

Dust off your suitcase and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime! Lay out all your kit for your race pack – sometimes it’s a love/hate relationship with the pack, but sometimes it’s the best feeling knowing you have all you need on your back. 

4. Gather around the campfire

You get to enjoy airplane food on your way to your adventure and freeze-dried meals by the campfire as you swap stories of the day with your fellow competitors. All you have to do is open up your backpack and see what’s next… will it be Expedition Foods Macaroni and Cheese, Vegan Mushroom Risotto, or maybe Chicken Tikka with Rice?

5. Sightseeing Georgia’s beauty

Home to some of the highest mountain peaks in Europe, Georgia is a stunning location to be exploring in. Despite its modest size, the country has a huge mix of other landscapes and micro-climates, ranging from dry wine-growing valleys and dry arid desert areas in the east, to lush vegetation, caves, canyons and bamboo forests when you near the coast of the Black Sea in the west.

6. Celebrate (with wine)!

Georgia is the cradle of winemaking. The country has been producing wine for at least 8,000 years and is considered to be the birthplace of wine!

7. Get the t-shirt (or in this case a rather lovely jacket)

The epitome of high fashion – you’ll want to don your RacingThePlanet race shirt as soon as possible, and probably never take it off again. A memento of your incredible achievement: add to, or start, your medal collection – display your achievement with pride! 

8. The stories you will have on your return

The best stories come from the unexpected moments and a RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon is full of them. Share your experience of a lifetime with all your friends and family when you return and maybe bring them along with you next time!

9. Seeing pink

You’re no longer seeing those pink flags in your dreams… or nightmares. You’ll see plenty in Georgia with the course being marked with them every 10 meters. 

10. RacingThePlanet friends

Some of the best friendships are formed at RacingThePlanet. Families bond, friendships are formed, proposals and weddings have happened. Probably one of the main reasons people come back for more – and you get to be with people out of your 'bubble' and make new friends.

See you in Georgia!!!!

To find out more go to: www.racingtheplanet.com/georgia

Or complete a registration form and get ready for the adventure of lifetime. You can also check out the full RacingThePlanet Race Calendar for all the other adventures we’ve got lined up later this year and in 2022!