Blogs for Special Edition: Georgia

Blogs are first-hand accounts written by racers before, during and after each race. They are a great resource for those embarking on a multi-day stage race.

David Grosse


Jun 2022


Wrap Up   Again a lack of blogging from me. In summary:   Thursday completed the Long March - albeit they had partially truncated it giv ...

Rose Anne Hawkeswood


Jun 2022

The Finish

I made it. Woohoo!  The final stage was just 10km downhill along a winding dirt road. My pack was significantly lighter, with all consumables ei ...

Keith Gayhart


Jun 2022

The Race of Innocence

I’ve been reading The Museum of Innocence, a novel by the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk. The story of a wealthy Istanbul businessman’s obsess ...

Joshua Tebeau


Jun 2022

Proudest Day

I woke up and could hardly stand from a mixture of blistering and ankle swelling. The atmosphere in the shelter (we slept in an abandoned building du ...

Anim Swart


Jun 2022

Before I knew it Georgia 2022 was here!

Holy Crap, before I knew it Georgia 2022 was here! I knew weather would be a factor but I didn’t anticipate what we got. That is racing and sh ...

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