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Stage 6: The Race is Complete

Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 09 30 am

Everyone has now completed Stage 6 - the race is complete!

The last group to cross the finishline were the dynamic trio who completed the Long March together: Jimmy Or, Jennifer Mutac and Paul Radford.

Adrian Stuart famly met him at the finishline and they ran across together.


Positions for Stage 6

Impressive sprints from John Bezou, Joshua Tebeau, Ben Castro, Ahmed Al Katheeri and Masato Wada but only a few changes in the overall ranking. 


All that is left to do now is eat, drink and celebrate (and get back to Tbilisi for a shower).

Racers have the chance to tour the amazing caves of Vardzia before the banquet and awards presentation.

More PHOTOS and the RESULTS including Stage 6 are on the website.

Stage 6: We have a winner!

Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 08 45 am

We have a winner!! Florian Vieux completed the final stage in under 30 minutes – a fitting end to a race he has dominated from day 1.


 Seven people have completed the final stage in under 45 minutes:

  1.  Florian Vieux
  2. Jeff Pelletier
  3. Theo Vollaard
  4. John Bezou
  5. Joshua Tebeau
  6. Hiroaki Okada
  7. Magdalena Paschke (1st Woman)

... and they keep on coming!

Stage 6 started at 8am for most – with 5 people who are moving very slowly starting earlier.

We will keep adding to the PHOTOS, RESULTS and another breaking news coming soon.

Stage 6: It’s not over yet! The Final Stage is Tomorrow

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 08 30 pm

Stage 6, the final Stage, is tomorrow!

Starting at 8am (with a few people starting earlier).

10km / 6 miles and mainly downhill.

Ending at Vardzia Caves, a stunning Georgian landmark where houses were carved into the rocky cliffs.

The Stage will be timed and count towards to the overall final result.


Today was the rest day and after such a hard week and the Long March yesterday it was much needed by many.  

The weather has been combination of sunshine, clouds and rain. 

Racers were given a small treat of local bread and fresh cucumbers in the afternoon. It is amazing how you come to appreciate the simple things after eating freeze-dried meals and light weight energy food all week and running such long distances in challenging conditions.


There have been many new updates to the website:

RESULTS – overall standings after the Long March

PHOTOS – from the Long March

VIDEOS – including

 and some more to come including interviews with Michele Ufer and Mauricio Rodriguez Saenz

 BLOGS – new entries from


Stage 6: Breaking News

Wed, 15 Dec 2021 at 12 13 pm

Breaking News for Stage 6 of the Special Edition: Georgia will be added on Saturday, 25 June.