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Race Coverage

LIVE Coverage of Namib Race (Namibia) 2019

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Stage 6: Finishers with their medals

Stage 6: Nagayasu Yudai, Masaoka Shun and Yahara Rika

Stage 6: Fung Kam Hung of Hong Kong

Stage 6: The end of the race

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Namib Race 2019 - Full Highlights (14 minutes)

Namib Race 2019 - Stage 6 Crossing the Final Finish Line

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Namib Race (Namibia) 2019 Blogs

240km done, 10km to do ...

3rd May 2019

We are back at the beach at a seasonal fishing village after a spectacular day out on the dunes. The middle section saw us ascend a massive dune and traverse its ridge for 9km. endless sand to the left (east) and the Atl...

Posted By: Mark Stevenson  |  2 Comments

Sand Dune Day - just loved it ...

3rd May 2019

Sand dune day today just loved it albeit it was tough and so so windy that I thought I was going to get blown off the dunes.   Decided today was just going to push through the day and get in as quick as was...

Posted By: Sandy Suckling  |  2 Comments

Ugens sidste marathon er overstaaet, endelig. ...

3rd May 2019

Ugens sidste marathon er overstaaet, endelig. I dag var nok den flotteste tur, men benene kan ikke mere nu. Traelaaret fra I gaar kunne jeg maerke hele vejen, saa maatte tage det meget roligt. Turens hoejdepunkt var ture...

Posted By: Camilla Hagbarth  |  1 Comments