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20 January 2018 02:36 pm (GMT-12:00) International Date Line West

Hi Everyone, As a new edition to the RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon team, I thought I’d blog myself a short hello to you all! I’ve done a couple of the 4Desert races – The Namib Race in 2018 and The Atacama Crossing (Chile) in 2013. For me, the races are incredible. They allow freedom and reason to run long distances without question – and that’s just the training!! They are a fantastic way to see new and relatively undiscovered parts of the world, each race bringing with it its own unique sense of adventure, allowing you to go back to basics with little to no communication and really appreciate the planet for what it is. The races also bring together people from all across the world, like-minded people some of whom will become life-long friends! I’m sure you’ll have questions ahead of the race, this blog site is for exactly that, and also to enable you to get to know your fellow competitors! Preparing for an ultramarathon is half the excitement!!! We are here to answer as many of those questions as we can – maybe you can answer each other’s questions!? I really look forward to hearing how your training is going and what kinds of food you’re going to be bringing…See you in Mongolia!!! Sam

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Dillon Burns

Posted On: 16 Aug 2019 07:40 pm

Wow that sounds super exciting! I'm very interested to learn about how everyone is preparing and their experience throughout the entire process leading up to the event. Sounds like a really great opportunity and life changing time to develop new relationships and do something that will better ourselves. Where can I find more info on the possibility of becoming involved? - Dillon

sam ryder

Posted On: 08 Jul 2019 04:52 am

Hey Ashley Hope the lead has well and truly disappeared!! Mongolia is fast approaching - almost time to stare down that start line...hope you're as excited as we are now!! Looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks! See you soon Sam

Ashley Burke

Posted On: 22 Mar 2019 08:37 am

Hi Sam! I'm looking forward to Mongolia and to meeting you. Your comments about going back to basis and finding undiscovered parts of the world align with how I feel about it too. I've done 3 previous Racing The Planet events, these being Madagascar 2014, Ecuador 2015 and Sri Lanka 2016. I love exploring different parts of the world and visiting new countries and Mongolia certainly fits the bill, as it will be my first visit there. I love Central Asia and have visited neighbouring countries but not Mongolia itself. What better way to explore it than to push yourself to your limit. Not that I'll be breaking any records this time. I'm training hard, with a 100km race in May and a tough marathon in June as lead up events, but legs seem to have lead in them. Never mind, happy to just enjoy the scenery, the company, and take some photos! Looking forward to meeting you and the team! Ashley.