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07 December 2018

A heartfelt “thank you”... To everyone that took the time to read and  post on my blog.  To Cathy Salter, for the plastic penguins and book on leopard ...
Posted By: Simon Melanson 5 Comments

03 December 2018

Toda buena aventura tiene su final.  Salimos puntuales a las 7:30 hacia la orilla. Esta vez íbamos acompañados de por todos los pasajeros del barco ...
Posted By: Ramiro Alfaro 1 Comments

03 December 2018

It’s now Sunday evening - and after 2 days sailing across a stormy Drake passage we are close to the Beagle Channel. Last night the winds were over 50 ...
Posted By: David Grosse 0 Comments

02 December 2018

Well, the race has finished and we crossed the Drake passage last night.  It certainly lived up to its reputation as the “Drake Shake”… We left Antarc ...
Posted By: Mick Hogan 1 Comments

02 December 2018

Niet te doen vandaag, amai wat een zee, rolling rolling. Net nog niet zeeziek genoeg om niet te schrijven. Je zou me moeten zien zitten, elegant is  a ...
Posted By: Ann Verhaeghe 1 Comments
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