Community Challenge: Desert Lion Conservation

The Desert Lion Conservation is founded by Dr Philip Stander, who has dedicated his life to protecting the desert lions in Namibia. Those of you who have had the opportunity to join the Namib Race, will be familiar with Dr Stander and the work that he does. Dr Stander works to address the conflict between people and wildlife.  This requires striking a balance between conservation priorities and the needs of the people who share their land with wildlife. Dr Stander helps to strike this balance by researching and protecting a unique population of lions that lives in the Northern Namib Desert


Many Namib Race alumni will have met Dr Phillip Stander and listened to him talk passionately about the desert lions he studies and protects. Our previous course was in the Skeleton coast national park, a location we shared with this unique and magnificent species of lion. You can watch and learn more with this new series with Dr Phillip, named the Covid Chronicles.


He has most recently had vehicle problems, and his vehicle is an integral part of the research and conservation that he does. You can listen to Dr Philip explain how important the tourism industry is to the conservation plight, and how current affairs have impacted Namibia.