Getting to know Team AHO

We are always happy to welcome Team AHO to our races, and at Namib2020 the team will be out in force bringing their largest group ever. They had a great group at the Atacama Crossing 2016 and at RacingThePlanet: New Zealand 2019 there was even a Team AHO wedding! They are easily recognisable by their colourful wigs, bright clothing and smiling faces, and who can forget their signature chant of HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! They bring so much colour and fun, but what do we know about the team?

Team AHO 2016 Atacama Crossing
Team AHO 2016 - Atacama Crossing

In the Namib Race 2020 there are 4 teams that make up Team AHO:

o  Team AHO - Hero's

o  Team AHO - Aru

o  Team AHO - Sanuki

o  Team AHO - Awa

We asked Koichi, team captain for the Namib Race 2020, to fill us in on what Team AHO are all about.

Do the team members know each other before the race? Some of the team know each other but others do not.

You seem to have so much fun in a big team. What advantages are there to competing in this type of race in a team? To help and support each other through the challenge of the race.To realize the differences amongst each of us, and accept the differences. If we share our joy it will lead to peace.

Eight members of Team AHO are newbies to RacingThePlanet. Do they have experience in ultras or is this their first big race? They are novices to a big races.

What makes you keep coming back to race with RacingThePlanet? We are very fond of RacingThePlanet. We come back for more fun. All staff and competitors are kind and understand Team AHO’s activities.

What is the "purpose" of Team AHO? Our purpose is for all of our team to complete the race. Our big aim is to spread some happiness to help world peace.

Why do you choose to do the races in such colourful outfits? Colourful costumes cheer us up, make us forget about pain, and make others happy.

Will we see your bright colourful wigs this year or do you have any special plans for your costume? Yes,there will be some costumes and wigs.


What would you like other racers in Namibia to know about you all? Some of our members are challenged. One has limited eyesight and one has gone through many operations on his ligament. Some have overcome illness, whilst a couple are trying to change their lives. Some are housewives and some are simply looking for something new and exciting. We may finish last. But no matter how painful it is, we try to smile and give othershigh fives. I want to high five people from all over the world! We want to be happy together with others. We are looking forward to spending a wonderful time with you all.

AHO over the years
Team AHO over the years