TRAINER: Hannah Walsh – Helping you run your first ultra


So, you’d like to run your first ultramarathon but you’re not quite sure how to get started?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all the training advice out there?
  • Are you worried you’ll have to make drastic changes and completely overhaul your lifestyle?

Hannah is here to help you run the ultramarathon you’ve always dreamed of and discover the joy in running longer distances. After running her first ultramarathon in 2014, Hannah completed the Atacama Crossing in 2018 and is returning for her second RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon in Georgia in 2021.

"Hi, I’m Hannah! I help women to cross the finish line of their first ultramarathon in times they never dreamed were possible.

If you need someone to plan with you, encourage you and hold you accountable so you can achieve goals that have been on the back burner for too long, then you’ve come to the right place.

You have the potential to achieve your wildest dreams.

I help women like you, who are looking to take that first step in making a positive change in your life today. I am here to show you that the secret to making big changes it about starting small.

I am here to share the tools and strategies that have worked for me  to empower you to show up as the very best version of yourself. I can’t wait to help you realise your true potential and show you that running an ultramarathon is just the start of what’s possible.

Let me show you how to achieve your goals."

What if:

  • You started showing up to your training sessions with excitement instead of dread because you had an incredible group of women right behind you who were cheering you on from start to finish all, all with the same shared purpose?
  • You stopped wasting time searching online for every piece of training advice because you had access to all the best resources, tried and tested, all in one place that guaranteed you ultra-running success?
  • You stood on the start line of your first multi-stage ultramarathon feeling confident in your abilities to know you had done enough and knew that the experience would completely change your life?

Hannah takes a holistic approach to training to help you master her four key pillars so you can run your first ultra in a fail-proof way that results in success whilst also finding enjoyment in the process.

1. Goal setting
2. Mindset and motivation
3. Strength training
4. Race day preparation

If you are looking for support running the race you have always dreamed about, you are in the right place.

Get in touch for details:
Instagram: @hannah_louise_walsh_
Email: [email protected]


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