TRAINER: Hannah Walsh – Helping you run your first ultramarathon


Introducing Project: Breaking 250!

Are you ready to join a group of 10 like minded incredible women to tackle one of the most prestigious and toughest foot races in the world.

Now is THE time to lay the foundations for your epic adventure in 2023 at the Atacama Crossing.

I see you. You’re tempted by the idea of entering your first multi-stage ultramarathon.

Maybe you want to celebrate a big birthday milestone, or now that your children are getting older, you want to give yourself a new challenge.

Maybe it’s something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. But…

  • You're concerned about not having enough time to train or the know-how to do it well.
  • You keep thinking "there are SO many aspects to consider for a ‘normal’ ultramarathon, where would I even begin to train for something like this?"
  • You know it’s an enormous mental and physical challenge. It's totally out of your comfort zone but you want to prove to yourself you can do something hard.
  • You don’t want to feel alone on race day.

Yes you CAN do hard things. 2023 is your year.

What if I told you this adventure would be completely and utterly life changing? And totally within your reach?

Over the 10 months together we will walk step-by-step through the entire process to tackle your first multi-stage ultra marathon confidently and safely, without the training taking over your life.

Ready to hit “Enter” on that running adventure of a lifetime?

Hannah takes a holistic approach to training to help you master her four key pillars so you can run your first ultra in a fail-proof way that results in success whilst also finding enjoyment in the process.

1. Goal setting
2. Mindset and motivation
3. Strength training
4. Race day preparation

If you are looking for support running the race you have always dreamed about, you are in the right place.

Get in touch for details:

Project: Breaking 250
Instagram: @hannah_louise_walsh_
Email: [email protected]


Hannah Walsh