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29 November 2018 03:08 am (GMT-03:00) Brasilia

Day 3

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28 November 2018 04:44 am (GMT-03:00) Buenos Aires, Georgetown

Clearly my unintentional swim yesterday wasn

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Emily O'Connor

Posted On: 30 Nov 2018 02:41 am

Hi Jacqui, The Snow Leopards think it's pretty awesome that you have seen penguins, whales and seals!! You are crazy swimming in that water! Keep up the awesome work! :) From the Snow Leopards

Allan (Dad) Bell

Posted On: 29 Nov 2018 12:20 am

Happiness- amazing photos of you sweetie . Polar plunge wouldn’t of expected anything less Bub . Your well on your way to complete an incredible undertaking. SO proud of you . Oh , by the way you car needs cleaning when you get home

27 November 2018 04:43 am (GMT-03:00) Brasilia

Finally it is race day, I was up at 4am packing strapping my feet and packing and sorting my gear for the day. Yes we get given lists on what to take and all but its very hard to know how cold you are going to be and what layers you want to be wearing etc. Breakfast was at 5am and then we all began heading to King George Island on the zodiacs.

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Julie Widdison

Posted On: 28 Nov 2018 02:47 pm

JACQUI!!!! Sounds like things have gotten off to an interesting start!! I'm cold just thinking about your little "swim" in the freezing water, glad you are ok. Terrain sounds brutal, but beautiful, keep up the strong work!!! Cheering you on from Utah! Julie (aka your favorite doctor)

26 November 2018 02:02 am (GMT-03:00) Buenos Aires, Georgetown

Day 2 on the boat today was spent predominantly in bed, unfortunately both myself and my roommate Vikki aren

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Tanna Baldridge

Posted On: 27 Nov 2018 03:54 pm

Hope you feel better! Sea sick is no fun. Sorry about the gaiters! xo

Sam Fanshawe

Posted On: 27 Nov 2018 03:27 am

Sounds like a tough crossing - imagine what it was like for the early explorers! But an impressive Stage 1 - 3rd woman is amazing. I want to see photos of burpees during each Stage - hahaha. Don't forget to enjoy the experience - more people climb Everest than run in Antarctica.

24 November 2018 08:25 am (GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi

It is 4pm and I am currently sitting in the library

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Sally Beggs

Posted On: 27 Nov 2018 10:08 am

Enjoying reading all - keep writing when you can. Look at the horizon to stop sea sickness - im sure you know that!! X

23 November 2018 02:43 am (GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi

WOOOHOOO the final Desert. Here we are in Ushuia about to head to Antarctica.

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