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Flags And Banners
Flags and Banners

Custom made flags and banners are used in all 4 Deserts events, including The Last Desert. Sometimes the katabatic winds are so strong that the flag poles can't be used and alternative methods have to be found. In one case, chunks of ice washed up on the shore enabling the staff to display all the flags on ice at the finish line.


Special bibs are made for competitors in The Last Desert. The bibs take into account the katabatic winds in the Antarctic. Regular bibs cannot withstand these winds.

The Last Desert Logo
The Last Desert logo

The Last Desert logo was created by an artist based in Hong Kong. The logo was designed to create a feeling of the last great unexplored and desolate place on the planet with individuals or teams reaching out to conquer this final challenge venturing into the unknown.

Satellites At The Bottom Of The World
Satellites at the bottom of the world

Five satellites will be used in Antarctica, four of which are called BGANs. BGANS provide broadband internet access virtually anywhere in the world. Breaking news, photographs, features, results, daily stage updates and videos will be uploaded through BGAN terminals. BGAN terminals are not 100% reliable, and thus information delays are highly probable.

Transport Is By Zodiac Or By Foot
Transport is by zodiac or by foot

Competitors are delivered to each stage by special boats called zodiacs. Zodiacs were first created by the French and can only be used with moderate winds. If the winds become too severe, competitors will have to wait on shore until the winds calm before returning to the ship. All equipment must be transported in waterproof bags as ice cold water sometimes splashes into the zodiac.

Spectators Are Not Human
Spectators are not human

The only spectators in Antarctica will be the ever-friendly penguins. Competitors will see thousands of penguins and other forms of wildlife as they conquer The Last Desert. Penguins reside in the exterior of Antarctica and not the interior, such as at the South Pole.

Course Markers
Course markers

Special biodegradable bags are used to mark the course for The Last Desert event. These bags are filled with snow and designed so that no wind can blow them away, and are removed at the end of each stage. The bags are bright pink in keeping with the pink course flags used in all other RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts events.