Why we selected Jordan

We're happy to announce that in 2024, we will host a special race to celebrate 20 years of RacingThePlanet. After much consideration among staff, racers and volunteers, we have selected JORDAN to host this Special Edition, "RacingThePlanet: The 20-Year Race".

We first visited Jordan in 1999 and instantly became captivated by the country. Not only does it contain four deserts (Wadi Araba, Wadi Rum, Wadi Kharaza and Humaima Desert) but it also contains one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, the ancient village of Petra, also known as the Lost City.

The prehistoric Jordanian city of Petra was "lost" to the Western world for hundreds of years. They say Petra still has secrets to reveal. Like the secrets yet to emerge from Petra, RacingThePlanet believes the best is yet to come as we welcome in the coming years more participants from around the world to join the RacingThePlanet family.

Located amid rugged desert canyons and mountains in the southwestern corner of what is now the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Petra was once a thriving trading center and the capital of the Nabataean empire between 400 BC and AD 106.

For RacingThePlanet: The 20-Year Race, participants from around the world will travel to Jordan for a six-stage, 250 kilometer journey across the four deserts of Jordan to arrive at the spectacular finish line in front of the iconic Treasury in Petra. Along the way, special celebrations will be planned to celebrate the first 20 years of RacingThePlanet.

We look forward to welcoming veterans of the 70 races which we have organised over those past 20 years as well as a new generation of the RacingThePlanet family.