RacingThePlanet Experience for Friends and Family

After spending 7 days running 155 miles through the desert, sleeping in a tent and eating dehydrated food having not showered for the week racers are usually excited for a burgers, pizzas, beers and showers but above all it is often their families that they miss the most.

Many friends and family run the race together, or join the same race – completing the course at their own pace and then sharing a tent each night. Some friends/family decide to join the volunteer team who tirelessly support the race staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable race.

However, if running (or walking) in the race or volunteering is not for you, (perhaps you don’t think that you can survive the week without a shower) you can still be part of the race to share a small part of the RacingThePlanet Experience.

Crossing the finish line


Come to the final camp and join the last stage of the race as part of the Friends & Family Experience. Sleep in a tent, eat freeze dried meals and have the option of either running / walking the final stage of less than 20km / 12 miles or being taken to the finish line to see them finish.

The Friend/Family option includes:

  • 2 nights in a hotel (the 2nd is shared with your friend / family)
  • Transportation to and from course and the host town
  • Tented accommodation for one night 2 x freeze dried meals (dinner and breakfast)
  • Awards Banquet ticket

Friends & Family Experience Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday

  • Arrive in Host Town and overnight at 4-star hotel

Day 2 – Friday

  • Meet guide / driver and other friends & family and leave fo Camp 6 – stop for lunch
  • Arrive Camp 6 enjoy your first Expedition Foods meal with your friend / family member(s)
  • Overnight in Camp 6 in the friends / family tents

Day 3 – Saturday

  • Expedition Foods meal for breakfast with your friend / family member
  • May participate in the last stage (less than 20km / 12 miles) and cross the finish line with your loved one or travel to the finish line to meet your friend / family cross the finish line
  • Enjoy finish line festivities with your friend / family member
  • Ride in bus back to the Host Town with your friend / family
  • Join the Awards Banquet
  • Overnight at 4-star hotel, sharing a room with your friend / family

Friends & Family in Antarctica

It is also possible to join as a Friend / Family for The Last Desert in Antarctica, however for this race you will be part of the entire expedition leaving from Ushuaia in Argentina for 10 days. Antarctica is a very special place that most will only go to once (if that) and we know that a special place like this may want to be shared with your close family (or friends). Friends / family members can share a cabin with the racer but during each stage they will have the choice to any or all of the below:

  • Take part in “normal” Antarctica activities including penguin watching, zodiac cruises, snow shoeing and visiting the only Post Office in Antarctica
  • Cheer on the racers, help the staff with race management and complete some of course on foot
  • Relax on board the expedition ship to enjoy the beautiful views from the warmth and comfort of the ship.



For some, even one night in a tent is more than they can imagine, and you may prefer to wait until the end to see your friend / family member cross the final finish line and share in that triumphant moment and even present their medal.

In some races the final finish line is easily accessible and just a short trip from the host town, in other races this can be somewhat further – up to 4 hours travel from the host town. You are also most welcome to join us for the Awards Banquet on the Saturday night after the race but will need to purchase a ticket.

Perhaps you some travel of your own arranged while your friend / family is running through the desert or you have some planned together afterwards for a special trip.


If you are planning some additional travel before or after the race together with your friend/ family or during the race on your own, we will provide a few suggestions of itineraries and can also arrange all the logistics if you would like.

Some examples include a safari in Namibia, horse-back trekking in Mongolia, a 4WD trip across the salt pans and volcanoes of Bolivia close to the Atacama Desert in Chile.

If you have any questions about the RacingThePlanet Experiences for Friends & Family you can contacts us at [email protected]