Hernan Garcia

Originally from Argentina, Hernan Garcia is a graduate from the University of Michigan in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Having spent time in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico Hernan currently resides in Florida, where he has set up a specialized running store which allows him to follow his passion.

Hernan is an experienced athlete. Not only is he an experienced sailor having extensively sailed around the world, he is also an accomplished runner. Hernan has more than twenty-five marathons under his belt and has completed the Sahara Race (Egypt) 2009, Gobi March (China) 2011 and Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2012 as well as numerous other races up to 100 miles. He has also undertaken a 10-day hike on the continental ice shelf in Patagonia.

Hernan's outdoor skills and race experience are an excellent asset at the 4 Deserts Race Series events. He has worked as a member of the course and camp teams at more than a half dozen races. Hernan is also an all-around great guy who keeps competitors and fellow volunteers entertained with his tales.