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Campfire Comfort

The campfire is an integral part of the 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series. Built, nurtured and managed by our local staff, it keeps the water boiling and a provides a central meeting point for competitors – in the morning for breakfast, and in the evening for dinner. It could be considered the greatest luxury at a 4 Deserts / RacingThePlanet race. There’s nothing better than chillin’ in the warmth after a hard day at the office!

Flags For All Nations

The Gobi March (Mongolia) is a truly international event. Over 40 nationalities are represented each year. To welcome each and every competitor, we make sure we fly the flag of every competitor’s nation at the beginning of the race, all the way through to the finish line. Our flags are handmade by a traditional sailmaker, Mr. Poon, who lives and works in Hong Kong. Mr. Poon is a master in his trade, having originally been trained to make sails for junks that used to ply the South China Seas.

World Class Volunteers

Our amazing volunteers are carefully selected from around the world to ensure a variety of nationalities, language abilities, fitness levels and general experiences to form a world-class support team able to work successfully in challenging conditions.


There is a fast-growing global community interested in RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts races. Not only friends, family, supporters and former competitors, but also a fanbase of people inspired by the dream of one day competing. To keep up with the demands of this expanding community, we are constantly developing our media capabilities.

RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts uses a combination of satellite, mobile communications and drones to distribute content from the races to our website and to broadcasters around the world. During each stage of the race we post updates to the website about race leaders and individual competitors several times per day. We also post daily video highlights captured by staff, volunteers and competitors.

At least 150 photographs are uploaded daily from the race capturing the locations, highlights and spirit of the event. We also distribute daily features about competitors and the locations as well as stage updates on the race website. Overall positions and timings are logged on the website as soon as possible after the last competitor crosses the finish line of each stage.


The CyberGER is the competitor's lifeline to the outside world. It’s a unique concept in multi-day stage races as a place for competitors to read emails and blog comments that have been sent to them over the preceding 24 hours. ALL competitors are able to receive written communications – but for those who want to send, you can purchase a pass that allows you to email friends and family and update blogs from at each campsite at the end of each day’s racing. Blogging is incredibly popular for competitors as it serves as a permanent archive of their experience in the desert.

The Glowstick Path

RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts uses 3,500 glowsticks to mark the Gobi March at dusk, and throughout the dark hours of night. The glowsticks guide the way for competitors during The Long March, offering maximum light while withstanding the heat and other harsh elements of the desert.

Giving Back

As an international organisation, RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts aspires to give back to the local communities through which we run. In 2013, RacingThePlanet and the Esquel Y.L. Yang Education Foundation launched a scholarship programme, called the Esquel-RacingThePlanet Scholarship Programme, which supports education for local girls in China’s Xinjiang Province. RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts has been collaborating with the foundation since 2005 - donating sports equipment, computers and more than 8000 books to schools in the region. It has also sponsored Operation Smile missions around the world. RacingThePlanet will never waiver in its efforts to support charities and global worthwhile initiatives.

The Finish Line

The finish line of the Gobi March is a time for huge celebration for all competitors – it’s a MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT. After receiving their finisher's medal, it’s time for some REAL food and drink. There is local music and sometimes dancers providing entertainment.

Finisher's Medal

Competitors who successfully complete every stage of the Gobi March receive a medal at the finish line. RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts specially designs the medals and has them manufactured in Malaysia which is renowned as having the world’s best pewter.

Expedition Foods

Expedition Foods is the official food partner for the Gobi March. Providing highly nutritious, flavorsome and easy-to-store prepared foods, the company has built a reputation on quality, service and choice, boasting arguably the largest range of meals available in Europe. There are 22 main meals and four desserts - all the main meals are available in three sizes: 450kcal, 800kcal and 1000kcal. Expedition Foods is the highest calorie-to-weight food available on the market. Their objective is to provide a mix of traditional meals with dishes from around the globe. The diverse menu, which appeals to all tastes, is coupled with continual innovation and product development.


Catering to the needs of more than 200 people in the Gobi Desert and making sure to leave no trace of their presence is an important part of the organization process. In 2015, RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts introduced 25L re-useable bottles of water to reduce trash and lessen the environmental impact. By using this new water system, we have reduced the amount of rubbish generated from plastic bottles by 70%. During the race, more than 15,000 liters of water will be consumed by participants as they complete the course and prepare their meals at camp each night.