Donations for the People of Ukraine

Support Ukraine

Update (22 March 2022):  Thank you so much for your support, the campaign has now concluded. We raised over US$11,000 to support the people of Ukraine.  The money has been transferred to Daniel Lewczuk and we'll be providing you with a full update with details on how the money is donated/spent.

The RacingThePlanet Global Community has been watching the heartbreaking images of the people of Ukraine fleeing their country which is being bombed daily. As citizens of the world, we wanted to help. We decided the most efficient and meaningful way would be to raise money online and send the money to someone on the ground in Poland to be able to react quickly and efficiently. RacingThePlanet already teamed with Expedition Foods to donate 500 freeze-dried meals to the people of Ukraine.

RacingThePlanet Alumnus and 4 Deserts Grand Slammer Daniel Lewczuk has agreed to facilitate the help in Poland. Our goal is to provide the refugees of Ukraine with immediate help until they are able to return to their beloved homeland.

The donations will be raised online and will be sent by bank wire weekly to Daniel Lewczuk in Warsaw, Poland. Daniel has already been working non-stop to help the refugees and will keep us up-to-date with emails and pictures which we will share with the RacingThePlanet Global Community.

When you donate, we'll list your name and amount of donation below unless you email us and ask to be kept Anonymous. The donor list will be updated daily.  This donation is not tax deductible.


Donor List: Name (Amount)

Kazuo Isomura (US$20)

Fiona Oakes (US$50)

Clemens Kastner (US$100)

Norman Lyle (US$100)

Philip Leung (US$500)

Henrik Uth (US$100)

Carmen Cordogan (US$100)

Frankie Yuen (US$100)

Tomotaka Kamei (US$100)

Christopher Gooch (US$500)

Keith Gayhart (US$100)

Marisa Rodriguez (US$50)

John Howard (US$100)

Ann Storey (US$50)

Anonymous (US$100)

Jane Fraser (US$50)

Kabuki Snyder (EUR1,000 / US$1,100)

Ben Dame (EUR500 / US$550)

Bob Leighty (US$200)

Alasdair Morrison (US$1,000)

Moo Woong Lee (US$100)

Yasmina Ganse (US$100)

RacingThePlanet Team (US$1000)

Doreen Hoffman (US$200)

Andrew Perkins (US$100)

David and Carla Jacko (US$500)

Arthur Azevedo (US$100)

Marshall & Heather Ulrich (US$100)

Elizabeth Rogers (US$300)

Kristin Higgins (US$500)

Samantha Fanshawe (US$500)

Baldish Toor (US$50)

Richard Wang (US$500)

Wai Bun Reuben Ng (US$100)

Annick Welfring (US$100)

Rishat Gaisin (US$100)

Penelope Minges (US$1,000)

Corinne Klajda (US$500)

Frank and Barbara Gadams (US$200)

Lydia Kerr (US$100)

Total Raised: US$11,020