The 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series is widely recognized as the most PRESTIGIOUS FOOTRACE series in the world

The series consists of the Namib Race (Namibia), Gobi March (Mongolia), Atacama Crossing (Chile) and The Last Desert (Antarctica). Competitors in the races traverse 250 kilometers in seven days over rough country terrain with only a place in a tent and water provided. They are supported by highly qualified staff, all with experience in hiking, marathons and ultramarathons, and medical teams specializing in wilderness medicine.

The 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series

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  • 22 Sep 21 Zoom Info Session - Get Prepared!

    Join us on Zoom this Saturday to find out everything you need to know for the Namib Race 2021, including details of the stunning new course and much more! 

  • 20 Sep 21 What is the RacingThePlanet / 4Deserts Ultramarathon Series?

    Check out the Marathon Handbook to find out more about these unique events and what it takes to compete. 

  • 17 Sep 21 Click on the link to find out the location for the 2022 RacingThePlanet Ultra is .....

    Think great fells, beautiful lakes, rushing rivers, reindeer, Santa Claus, saunas, the Northern Lights and more!

  • 15 Sep 21 People often ask 'Why?'

    Namib Race competitor Eyal Shimoni shares his reasons to the big question of 'Why?'

  • 10 Sep 21 It's great to be back!

    We have implemented a lot of new processes and protocols to allow our races to move ahead safely and we are ready and excited to move forward with our 2021 and 2022 Race Schedule! 

  • 27 Aug 21 Relive RacingThePlanet Georgia!

    Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of Georgia and experience the racers' journey as we take you through each stage of the race in our Georgia photo gallery. 

  • 22 Aug 21 Emotional Finish Line

    Excitement, relief, sadness, happiness ... a RacingThePlanet finish line is an emotional place and Georgia was no different. See for yourself in this video.

  • 21 Aug 21 The Final Footsteps to the Cave City of Vardzia

    Today is the last day of RacingThePlanet: Georgia. Competitors are taking their final footsteps 9.3km / 5.6 miles mainly downhill to the Cave City of Vardzia. Watch for photos of them crossing the final finishline.

  • 20 Aug 21 Highlights from the Long March in Georgia

    The Long March was 72km / 45 miles of everything that the Javakheti Region has to offer - watch this highlights video to join the experience,

  • 19 Aug 21 Stage 5, the Long March has arrived (and started)!

    After four consecutive days of racing and completing 160kms / 100 miles, competitors have (nearly) a double marathon to contend with today. This is the Stage that it’s all about, where you find out what you’re made of. Follow the Breaking News to keep up to date on racers progress - the winner is expected in around 8 hours and the last person in more than 24 hours.


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