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In 2020, the TWELFTH edition of the RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon will take place in the Southern Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The host town is Tbilisi, the charming and colourful capital of Georgia. Renowned for the its green valleys and vineyards, ancient culture and history, monasteries and castles from medieval times, delicious food and wine, and picturesque countryside villages dotted around the mountains, RacingThePlanet Georgia: The Caucasus will take you back in time to cross the mysterious lands between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. 

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Oct 2019

Who Run the World?

Women are starting to feature in greater numbers and stronger in the field of ultra-running.  Find out more here. 


Oct 2019

Behind The Scenes

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a 4Deserts race.  Have a sneak peek into some behind the scenes activities here.


Oct 2019


Now that the Atacama Crossing has concluded, you can be inspired by the final blogs and get ready for your next adventure, which should be RacingThePlanet: Georgia 2020!


Sep 2019

Atacama Crossing is now LIVE

Get LIVE updates from the Atacama Desert throughout the 250km/155 mile, six stage footrace.


Sep 2019

The Competitor List is Growing!

Georgia is amazing and we can't wait to take you there - the competitor list is growing so make you sure you don't miss out on exploring this beautiful country with your old and soon to be new friends. 


Sep 2019

Destination Georgia By CNN

Driving through the beautiful, winding roads of Georgia's country side is an immensely pleasurable travel experience...


Aug 2019

Blogs to get you inspired

As the next race is drawing near, blogs are a great way to gain inside information on hot tips that can help with your training, equpiment and all logistical planning.  Check out the latest blogs and think about starting your own!


Aug 2019

See who will be at the start line!

The 12 Roving Race will bring together old friends and new racers - have a look at the competitor list and see if you know who your competition will be!


Jul 2019

Friends and Family at the Finish Line

One of the best feelings in the world is crossing the finish line of a RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon - and what is even better - is having your loved one meet you !


Jun 2019

What will you experience in Georgia?

Georgia has many unique and little known highlights - find out more here!