TRAINER NATS STEELE - Strength Training to Improve Your Running

 Zoom Workouts with Nats Steele
Running isn’t the only training you should be doing when you’re preparing for a 250km desert ultramarathon, cross training is important too. Cross training helps to prevent injury, strengthen muscles not used when running and keep you motivated (even runners can get bored of just running).  
Crossing training can include cycling, swimming, yoga, weight training, circuit classes and more.
If you want to increase your strength by adding a fitness, yoga or Pilates class to your training why not try out Trainer Nats Steele, Level 3 NASM Qualified.
  • Group or 1-2-1 via Zoom
  • Tabata, HIIT, Strength, Yoga & Pilates
  • Focus on improving muscular imbalances and increasing overall fitness
  • Bespoke tailored programme to meet your needs and level

NATS STEELE: “My main focus is motivating people to stay active. Every move counts as I guide you through different techniques to strengthen & stretch your body, improve posture & balance and feel good about yourself.” Listen to her video

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