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Online Performance Coach for Your Next Ultramarathon

Anim is a coach who is committed to supporting athletes to achieve their goals. She has many years of coaching experience and has also achieved the top in her field on the world stage in triathlon and ultramarathon stage racing.

Knowledgeable But Experience Matters

With years of racing experience in triathlon and endurance racing, Anim has made a shift from doing IronMan triathlons at a competitive level to stage racing. She has completed 10 IronMan races, the World Championships of Spartan and RacingThePlanet’s Namib Race, Gobi March and Atacama Crossing in 2019, with a plan for the 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus.

Anim’s Philosophy: Do What You Love & Love What You Do!

Coaching involves many aspects that contribute to the development of person to athlete. Our coaching philosophy is to give you the tools to set SMART objectives to allow you to achieve your goal. We are here to support, encourage and objectively work with science-based methods to increase performance or simply increase your recreational fitness. It is a life style of active living, setting objectives and meeting goals.

Believing that nothing is impossible. Endurance races test your limits, both physically and mentally. Anim will bring all the factors you will need together and make it work for you the athlete, making it the one untouchable advantage you the athlete will have over the competition. She believes that her ultimate accomplishment is working alongside athletes and bringing an experience that is harboring not only the achievement of “I CAN”, but also the belief and love for the process of training.

Anim is more than just a fitness coach she specializes in endurance, triathlon and life coaching to inspire, motivate, uplift and be a positive role model. She believes in tapping your ability and the vastness of your potential.

If you are looking for a coach to ensure you are fully prepared to complete a RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts Ultra then have a look at Anim Swart Performance Coaching – from first timers who don’t know where to start to accomplished runners wanting to achieve a high-level result.

Anim Swart

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