Personal Trainer to Help You Complete a 4 Deserts / RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon

A multi-stage race requires a significant amount of preparation and training to ensure that you have the best chance of completing the 250km distance and, dare I say it, to ‘enjoy’ the physicality of these tough races!  The training is nothing to be afraid of, however, and a methodical and disciplined approach will be sufficient to get the majority of us over the finish line. 

The Running Plan has put a series of training plans in place exclusively tailored for 4 Deserts and RacingThePlanet races, which include the following key elements of physical preparation:

  • Heat / weather acclimatisation;
  • Back-to-back long runs / hikes;
  • Strength training; and
  • Training with a weighted backpack/rucksack.

The training plans have been developed by Malaysian-based Jeffrey Ross (third place in his maiden 4 Deserts race, the Gobi March in 2017) for the local market, however they are also available for purchase in other countries, upon request.

There are three plans to choose from – for 3, 4, or 5 days of training per week, all over an 18-week period – and they are priced at a one-off cost of US$50 (200 MYR).  Users will also get access to The Running Plan website members area, which contains supporting training videos and other supporting resources.  Please see the sample screenshots below to give you a flavour of the training plans.

For more information please contact:

Jeffrey Ross


[email protected]