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Jack Fierstadt
Stage 3

26 October 2021 10:15 pm (GMT+01:00) West Central Africa

Dear Family & Friends: Today I headed out of Camp 3 with some trepidation after my issues yesterday. I struggled to CP1 and on the way there I made the decision to call it. In years past, I have always been good about regulating my heart rate and core temperature whatever the conditions. I tried several things and nothing seemed to work. I am not really disappointed (well maybe a little)  because I know I made the right decision for my family and i. I will fill in blanks when not on a public forum but needless to say it was a safety decision. All the RTP staff were and are wonderful to me and were on the watch after yesterday. At the moment I have been off course for a few hours and my recovery is coming along. (Cathy) I will try and call you when a signal is available but that may not be for a few days.
(Joking here) After I called it a race, and while still delirious, Ritta asked if I would volunteer for the remainder of the race. Of course, while hallucinating, I agreed, At this point, I cannot rearrange non-refundable flights, hotel and scramble for two more Covid tests to get home. I miss everyone and I am truly sorry for any disappointment that may be out there. thank you for all your love and support. Jack. 

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Zach Fierstadt

Posted On: 27 Oct 2021 06:50 pm

Way to go Dad! Good decision on putting your health first. Glad you had the mental fortitude to call it given the hallucinations! Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip. Love z

Bev Brammer

Posted On: 27 Oct 2021 06:33 am

You are an inspiration to many people Jack and part of being inspiring is knowing when you have to make tough decisions. Hugs to you my friend and I know you will be an awesome volunteer! See you on another race one day x

Vanessa Fierstadt

Posted On: 27 Oct 2021 05:38 am

Dad-e-o! Ive been tracking you every step of the way. I woke up the morning after you had finished stage 2, seeing one of the most epic photos of my dad. Yes you. You were at the finish, smiling, looking out into the distance- and I just knew that no matter what my dad was out there doing what he loves. It made my heart happy. You and I both know how important it is to listen to our bodies, so proud of you for keeping yourself safe. You are what matters most. I cant wait to celebrate your adventure with you. Ill let you decide if we are going sush, mexi, or a good ol luggage room pizza. Thanks for inspiring me! I love you more than any words can say. Catch you on the flippity-flop. Go team #nobigdills

Zeana Haroun

Posted On: 27 Oct 2021 05:33 am

I was sorry to hear that you had to stop, but you know your body and made the right decision. Thank you for volunteering and staying with the group! I know they really appreciate it and you will love it :)

Wesley Wills

Posted On: 27 Oct 2021 02:12 am

Hey Jack. It's so awesome you are out there experiencing the race and accomplishing so much. I'm sure the decision to withdraw was very hard, but trusting your body is a great plan. For the remaining stages, it sounds like you are on board to help out others, while getting to see the sights and maybe sample some of the other stages. Stay safe out there, but mostly focus on enjoying the trip. We will be visiting for Thanksgiving and I expect lots of stories and pictures from the race. Liam is lucky to have such an awesome grandpa!

Howard Cohen

Posted On: 27 Oct 2021 02:12 am

Hey buddy. You made the right decision and the years of experience was key to doing the right thing. You are one tough dude and know what it takes to get it done, or to call it and race another day. I’m proud of you for your courage to run your first RTP race years ago and I was there to see your grit. Sorry I could not be there this week to see the same grit that it took to make this smart decision. Rest up and the remainder of the field would be in great hands if you show up to help out and support them. Call me when you can and we can catch up on how you are doing. Take care brother. H

Karen Wei

Posted On: 26 Oct 2021 11:03 pm

Jack, I know it must have been a difficult decision, but knowing you I am also 100% convinced it was the RIGHT one, and am so proud of you to have called it when you did. No disappointment here, just more respect for one of my best desert buddies. You'll be a great volunteer! The othe racers are super lucky to have you at CPs and camp to cheer them on and hug them in. I miss you my friend, and can't wait to get the debrief when you're back to civilization. Enjoy the desert and stay well!!!!! K xx

Cathy Fierstadt

Posted On: 26 Oct 2021 10:50 pm

Dearest Jack, You are an amazingly strong, determined and accomplished athlete… I can now add SMART & thoughtful to that list:) I know very well how difficult this decision must have been for you💔 But you can be sure that you are and always will be the strongest & toughest mfer I know😍 Your family, friends, Grandkids and of course me couldn’t be prouder of you Jack! We can’t wait for you to get back home to us! Thank you for loving us 🥰
Jack Fierstadt
Stage 2

25 October 2021 09:09 pm (GMT-06:00) Central America

Hello Everyone: Thank you for all your good wishes. I had a very rough day today in some very intense heat. I had a good start up a rocky canyon where we actually had to use a rope on one section. I wasn't sure I was going to make it today because by the time I got to CP3 I was bonking quite bad. I joined up with a little group and we pushed on in to the finish. YIKES! I am in recovery mode now having drank my recovery drink and had a little miso soup. I MUST try and eat some dinner now as tomorrow we have a 45k day with more intense heat. I have decided to try and be smart and just slow it down. We have a lot of climbing tomorrow so I am concerned.
Tonight our campsite is in this desert canyon. This is by far the toughest race I have encountered. As as side note, I think the race photographer got me in full bonk mode at CP3 but don't worry Cathy I somehow worked through it and took on the next 10k. Miss everyone. Love you Cathy! Jack

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Mary Gadams

Posted On: 26 Oct 2021 05:22 am

Hi Jack, I read the reports that you were struggling a bit on Stage 2 at CP3, but I knew you would pull through. You are doing amazing. What a beautiful but tough course. Did you love the 360 degree view! How's that for a remote experience during COVDI19. I am so missing being there but loving working on the media updates with Zeana. One step at a time. You got this. Mary

zeana haroun

Posted On: 26 Oct 2021 01:46 am

You got this Jack! You are doing great and it's a tough one.
Jack Fierstadt
Hello Everyone

25 October 2021 06:00 pm (GMT+01:00) West Central Africa

Hello Everyone: Just got in a little while ago completing the first stage in about 7:15. I was shooting for sub seven hours but the running gods had other ideas.It got pretty hot today and I had a couple of bonks but finished strong. I just soaked my feet and will try and get some food in me soon. Thank you for all your emails and I really appreciate all the support. Tomorrow is going to be a little longer and I will just try and be steady. This camp overlooks some very desert looking low mountains. As a side note, I definitely felt the miles today. you and thanks for all your support. You pulled me through a particular tough moment today. I will write more tomorrow. Bye everyone from somewhere in Namibia. Jack

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Mary Gadams

Posted On: 25 Oct 2021 02:06 am

Jack, you had an amazing first stage. Well done. You look stronger each year. The scenery looks incredible. If I had seven lives, Namibia would be one of the countries I would choose to live in for one of those lives. Keep it up my friend. Go. Go Go.