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19 August 2022 08:35 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

Hi Guys, Finished the long day (80km) at 1:30am it was a very hard and finishing was very emotional. We have arrived at a sauna camp so got to have a shower finally – The best feeling ever...I have slept most of the day as my muscles are so sore but no permanent injuries so very happy just blisters and sore quads. 12km tomorrow then we are off to a restaurant for lunch – cant wait to east something that is not a freeze dried meal. Thanks for following my progress, love you all. Bonny xxx


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17 August 2022 07:23 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

 Day 4 – I had an awesome day today. My shoulders didn’t hurt as much and blisters were ok. Another sunny day here in Laplandand another 40km done (I think I moved up about 20 places so very happy with that). The views are amazing here. I cant wait to get back to wifi to upload them. Dehydrated pasta carbonara for dinner ?


Very excited to start the long march tomorrow- 80km in one go then pretty much done. A short 12km on the last day on Saturday then back to a hotel for a much needed shower…..Thanks again to everyone that has sent emails or rplied to my blog post xx

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Susie Smith

Posted On: 19 Aug 2022 08:06 pm

Fantastic Boni. Stay strong. And have fun. Hope your shoulder doesn’t get too much sorer x

Sonia Ware

Posted On: 19 Aug 2022 11:57 am

Omg Boni you are doing so well. Keep going girl

16 August 2022 10:59 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

have just finished stage 3. What a day!!  Another 40km of technical terrain today. We were blessed with another sunny day (hoping it lasts the whole week). My shoulders are very sore from carrying such a heavy pack. Trying to run the downhills as much as I can and have managed to overtake a few people that way. I have moved up to 101st position on day 2, so have gained 6 places which is cool. Not sure how I went today as they are slow at loading the results (not that its really matters, but just keeps my mind occupied).


Tomorrow will be interesting as its apparently mainly dirt road. Everyone is hobbling around camp at night, so I don’t think it will be a very fast take off at the start line. Wish they had a massage tent here, they would be very busy ?


Hump day is over – so ill see how I go tomorrow.

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Mel Kelly

Posted On: 16 Aug 2022 08:12 pm

You go girl!!

15 August 2022 06:59 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

Hi everyone, Stage 2 completed today. Felt great, not so technical today, 38km done with lots of dusty road and not a lot of elevation. More photos of reindeers ?


I came 107/135 yesterday so very happy with that. I haven’t got todays results you,ll have to wait for tomorrows blog. Found my toothbrush & comb today so my tentmates are happy & dipped my feet in the lake which was nice. It was far to cold to go the whole way in and not enough sunshine get anything dry by tomorrow.


Its a little overcast today and still no rain so fingers crossed for another good day tomorrow. Ive heard on the grape vine that its going to be another hard one. Shoulders are getting sore and I have  blister on each of my pinky toes which I dealt with with a safety pin and some paper tape ?


Looking forward to my Dehydrated spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. Thanks for all the emails, I love logging In at the cybertent each evening and reading them.


Chat tomorrow, Bon xx

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Sonia Ware

Posted On: 19 Aug 2022 11:54 am

Sounds like an amazing adventure Boni. Despite your shoulders and blisters you got it done. Bloody Awesome

14 August 2022 09:56 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

Day 1 at camp – Equipment check-in and socialising with everyone here and hearing lots of stories about previous RTP events. Its very exciting and cant wait to get started tomorrow. The weather is beautiful here at the moment so hope it stays that way. The extra daylight is great as it allows us more time to get our gear sorted.



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Maddy Steggink

Posted On: 13 Aug 2022 10:29 pm

Sounds exciting, just finished reading the first news update. Steep hill up first when everyones backpacks are the heaviest...sounds right 😂. Have lots of fun, hope you get to take awsome photos and make lots of friends.

14 August 2022 08:21 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

Today was the start of the race – 33km of very technical terrain which started off with crossing a swamp via duckboards which were situated about 1m under the water  needless to say a few people went for a swim (which is unfortunate when your carryingall your gear on your back) luckily I stayed on the duckboards and only my legs got wet. The water was freezing but soon dried off as it was a beautiful sunny day here. Crossed three very rocky fells for 15km, with load of elevation which was so harsh on the feet then through forests with tree roots everywhere. Took photos of reindeer who were using the duckboards on the path in front of us which was pretty cool. Finally made It back to camp with very sore feet. Time to eat and rest up before heading off again in the morning. Having so much fun and meeting some very cool people. Bon xx

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Sonia Ware

Posted On: 19 Aug 2022 11:51 am

Wow sounds so hard Boni. But you got it done

28 July 2022 10:45 am (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

I will be heading to lapland a few days before the race. Looking at hiring a car to play tourist for a few days. I will be on my own & looking for company if anyone else will be in town a few days before teh race & wants to join me.

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