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Wendy Bryden


May 2022


Saturday was an absolutely perfect Alaska spring day. Blue sky with only a few small wispy clouds. I chose to take my pack (and my new socks!) for a h ...

Michaela PunzRaml


Mar 2022

Ein Rucksack voller Müsliriegel

Hallo liebe Freunde, Soviel was wir als selbstverständlich halten, scheint auseinanderzubrechen. Eine junge Generation hat Angst, vor dem was da ...

Carmen Cordogan


Jan 2022

I have a butterfly garden in my stomach!

I will be brief today. It is an open door or maybe smaller, a window. I am looking out and saying hello to the infinite. I have never blogged, I ha ...

Brent Hopper


Dec 2021

Excited, Nervous, and feeling lost as a First Timer...

Talk about feeling the range of emotions after hitting the submit button on my registration for the race.  From pure excitement to the adventure ...

David Myers


Dec 2021

A long ways to go

As I look at the calendar I realize I have "a long ways to go" until the race, as I have started my training and am limping around everywhere now I re ...

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