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COVID-19 Entry Requirements / Travel to Mongolia / RacingThePlanet COVID-19 Processes

(Updated 1 March 2023)

COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Mongolia is fully open for international visitors. There are no special COVID-19 enty requirements.

Travel to Mongolia

There are more and more fights to Mongolia every month. If you are coming to Mongolia, we suggest flying via the gateway cities of Frankfurt, Istanbul, Seoul, Hong Kong or Tokyo.

To obtain the cheapest airline tickets, try booking two separate tickets, eg, if you are coming from New York, try booking to Istanbul and then booking a separate ticket to Ulaanbaatar. 

Booking Sites

Not all the flights to Mongolia are listed on the popular booking sites such as Expedia. Try the following booking sites:



RacingThePlanet Covid-19 Processes

Read about RacingThePlanet's new processes for managing Covid-19.