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Darren Myers
Stage 5

20 August 2021 06:00 pm (GMT+04:00) Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan

Long but good day yesterday to (mostly) wrap up the race!
The 44 mile stage 5 took me about 11:30 to finish – much better than I predicted.
The first part was a climb to Abuli fortress, then across a field of rocks, then back down a steep trail. My feet were beat up, so I fought through the next few miles hoping I would regain some strength. Fortunately I did – I started to feel a lot better and decided to get going after the checkpoint at mile 29. I ran most of the next 15 miles to just beat the end of the sunlight.
It poured rain around mile 38 which made the next bit a mess but fortunately the last 5 miles or so were on a paved road. I have never appreciated a level, paved road more.
The last couple of miles were crazy – I was in the middle of nowhere, on a desolate road with nothing/no one in sight, and a huge thunderstorm in the distance. It was surreal, especially given how delirious/tired I was. Needless to say I was glad to see the finish line. We have a 6 mile run to Vardzia, a gorgeous town in a canyon. Then, a 5-6 hour bus back to Tbilisi before a shower and a last dinner before heading home!
Cant wait to see everyone. Great journey but I am ready to be back. Thanks to everyone for the supportive messages!! That was a huge boost.  Hard to describe the emotions but its just great to hear from folks when you are beaten down!
Also, a shout out to Danny who finished 4th!! That is nuts. Really, really impressive. And, it meant he had the tent ready by the time I am came rolling in a few hours later each day!
See you soon mom, Foster, Leete, and Janie! Cheers and so long from Georgia!!

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Shana Jackson

Posted On: 22 Aug 2021 08:37 pm

Woohoo! You made it! Hopefully by now you are home or close to hugging your favorite people! Just wanted to say congratulations and we are very proud of YOU!!

Chris Bittman

Posted On: 21 Aug 2021 02:57 pm

Absolutely amazing Partner! Let's do it again next week!

Chris Bittman

Posted On: 21 Aug 2021 02:57 pm

Absolutely amazing Partner! Let's do it again next week!

brendan bell

Posted On: 21 Aug 2021 05:37 am

Amazing. Congrats Darren!

Lyndsay Pue

Posted On: 21 Aug 2021 12:13 am

YOU. DID. IT!!! We couldn’t be prouder of you! Congratulations!!

Melissa Rivera

Posted On: 20 Aug 2021 08:16 pm

What an incredible achievement! Congratulations Darren!

Nicholas Hartnett

Posted On: 20 Aug 2021 06:41 pm

What a cool experience! Proud of you, man! Safe travels home. Looking forward to having you back! Nick

Nat Fraser

Posted On: 20 Aug 2021 05:07 pm

A 44-mile day (after four grueling stages)... wow. You're the man, Darren! Way to crush it!

Mardi Myers

Posted On: 20 Aug 2021 03:53 pm

Pretty sure you need to burn your running shoes, socks etc. your Dad and I are proud and amazed. Your sibling is still on the beach and we actually understand that. Love!!!
Darren Myers
Stage 4

18 August 2021 08:00 pm (GMT+04:00) Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan

One more to go! Finished stage 4 in around 6hr45m. Tough first 14 miles uphill to start, then mostly downhill for the final 11 so I was able to run a chunk of it.
Blisters didn’t get much worse so I am hopefully in decent shape for tomorrow!
We are camped by the largest lake in Georgia tonight. Great view.
As for tomorrow…45 miles and 5k feet of elevation gain. One 6 mile block early on is described as “very difficult” – I think we climb almost 1500 feet if I recall in a short piece of that. Then its ok after that. Guessing the whole day will take maybe 15 hours? A wide range around that though.
Feeling ok physically so that helps!
Thanks for the support  and hopefully the next update will be after a successful long stage. After that we have a short 6 mile run and we are done.
Danny is crushing it by the way – I think he finished 3rd today and is in the top 10. Incredible!
Foster and leete I hope school was awesome today. And, in case I miss a day of blogging good luck in the soccer tournament!!
Love to everyone back home!

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Foster Myers

Posted On: 20 Aug 2021 02:09 am

Hi Dad! School is going great so far! I accidentally left my computer at school today, but I can get it tomorrow! Ha Ha! I miss you but I am having fun here! Good luck in the last part of your race! I love you!

Leete Myers

Posted On: 20 Aug 2021 02:02 am

Nice job dad! First half-day was not that great it was not what I thought it would be, we basically did church the entire time. Anyway love you bye.

Martha Dyess

Posted On: 19 Aug 2021 08:12 pm

Go DARREN Go! Finish this last long haul strong - let us know you made it in under 15 hours?? You can do it! xo Martha and James

Chris Bittman

Posted On: 19 Aug 2021 04:03 am

I've been tracking you, but didn't want to put the pressure on - until now! Amazing performance so far. Finish strong!

Amita Schultes

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 08:02 pm

It's all you Darren! You can do this!!

Mason Harris

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 07:33 pm

D-Money! Bring it home!!! We're all rooting hard for you -- what a feat!

Mallory Beck

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 07:05 pm

Home stretch!!!! You got this!!!!

Nicholas Hartnett

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 06:36 pm

Another solid finish! Tomorrow looks WILD! Keep your eyes on the prize, you're nearly home. Grind on. Nick

Mardi Myers

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 06:33 pm

Pretty sure you read too many superhero comic books growing up! Very proud of you! Tomorrow sounds daunting. Sending love and prayers fro your Dallas Fans
Darren Myers
Stage 3

17 August 2021 08:00 pm (GMT+04:00) Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan

Hump day! Halfway done at least distance wise.
Stage 3 started with a big rain and wind storm but turned into a nice day.
The first half was a long climb. Made it through without too much drama. Had to pause for some sheep to cross the road which added some levity.
The second half was downhill so I was able to run most of the way. We are camped out in a neat village – the local kids are fascinated. They cheered us coming in and are now running around the camp saying “hello” in a great accent.
A dog ran most of stage 2 and stage 3 with a group. It was decamped at one of the checkpoints when I last saw it. Hopefully they will bring it to camp. Janie wouldn’t stand a chance – I bet the dog ran 30 miles or so.
I am feeling good. A couple of blisters in their infancy so hopefully I can deal with that over the next 2 days. Tomorrow is 25 miles – 3k feet of climbing in the first 13-15 miles then down after that. Assuming in get that done, Thursday will be 45 miles with about 5k feet of climbing, including what looks like most of it through a really steep climb early. Fun!
I got a ton of messages today – thanks so much! Big boost.
Foster and leete – not sure when you will get this so have an awesome first day of school!
Thanks mom for holding down the fort! I miss everyone! 75 miles to go

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James Lowe

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 03:40 pm

Absolute beast mode. Keep cranking brother.

Leete Myers

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 03:28 pm

Hi dad, to start this letter I would like to mention that Janie has gone nuts and great job on passing stage 3, you got this.

Ashlee Myers

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 03:24 pm

Hi babe!! sounding good! MIssing you like crazy!! The kids don't sleep horizontal in bed, kinda missing it, but just kinda!! Praying hard. Half way finished!! LOVE YOU

Adam Krug

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 01:24 pm

D Leete- it appears you have completed stage 4 after another leisurely day of strolling. Spectacular work all around buddy. I hope your reflections on Paravani Lake bring you back to the glory days of supervising the High Life; I'm sure it feels similar. Rooting for a good night's sleep for you before you begin the Long March, keep up the inspirational effort!

Will Burnett

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 03:34 am

Stop being such a baby! Is what I said to myself when I got some infancy blisters in line at Chick- fil-a today. Hope that bit of self talk is useful to you during Stage 4!

Mardi Myers

Posted On: 18 Aug 2021 03:07 am

You are amazing. Your dad and I had to take a nap after reading about stage 3. Sylvia took 2 naps. Hope your feet hold together! We are rooting for you and Danny - and the pooch!

Brendan Bell

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 10:41 pm

Great to hear you're going strong! I'm hooked on this deal - they're doing a great job with the YouTube channel. My mind just can't get around running 7 hours in a day. While also dodging chickens and villagers and soviet tanks. Keep it up!

Hattie Pue

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 08:55 pm

Darren, I love you so much. I hope are having an enjoyable time. I hope you don’t get tired. I hope the blisters don’t hurt. I hope you have a good time. Bye. Love, Hattie

Betsy Tate Pue

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 08:46 pm


Lyndsay Pue

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 08:44 pm

YAY D YAY!!!! Glad you have day 3 in the books!!! So impressed!!! Cheering for you big time from the Carolinas!!! Starting to pray early for Thursday - not sure I’ve done that many miles in a full year. Keeping it short & hoping you are too tired to correct my grammar (doubt it.) YOU GOT THIS!!!!! Finish strong!!

Nicholas Hartnett

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 07:53 pm

The miles are melting away (at least it seems that way from the comfort of my desk chair)! Glad to hear you’re still cranking and in good spirits! Grind on. Nick

Melanie Miller

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 07:27 pm

You are absolutely amazing. I love the dog! That’s hilarious! And impressive- ha! I’m willing those blisters to go away and thinking of you constantly! You are counting down now- you’ve got this! Love you brother!
Darren Myers
59,000 steps

16 August 2021 08:00 pm (GMT+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd




That was a doozy. 59k steps, 28 miles, and 8hrs later I am back at camp after stage 2!

Today was a mix of rain and mud for the first half, along with 4-5 water crossings.

Then the weather cleared and we started climbing for the last 10 miles or so. Tough.

The scenery was great though and the temp was perfect.

I am feeling ok - very sore but no big ailments.

Missing everyone but otherwise in good spirits!

More tomorrow after stage 3! Send me messages if you can – helps keep me going!



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Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 03:52 pm

D Money, that is incredible. Like Will, I had no idea you were taking on the this herculean task. I'm crazy impressed. Just keep moving and wish it was worse weather, taller hills and longer stretches.

Trey Thompson

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 02:37 pm

Way to go, Darren! Day Two sounds like it was a beast. Very happy to hear that you have no major ailments at this point. That's amazing. You're getting better with age! Have a great Day Three. Keep the blogs coming. You have lots of people pulling for you back home!

Shana Jackson

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 02:27 pm

Woohoo! You made it through stage 1 AND stage 2! We saw a short YouTube video of you describing one of the stages. You look great! You have trained diligently for this and we believe in you 100%! Take in the beautiful scenery. Praying for you daily❤️ We love you!! HUGE Darren fans, The Jackson 6

Mardi Myers

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 11:43 am

Sending you two hamburgers, a scooter. 2 new pairs of socks, and some bubble wrap - parcel post. Canoe wouldn’t fit. Love you and in my role as your mom, wondering why you aren’t home in bed. Love you!!!

Melanie Miller

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 01:50 am

Beyond impressive, my amazing brother!! You are inspirational to say the least! Remind me not to complain that my legs are sore from menial exertion. Got Blake moved into his Petri dish, I mean fraternity house today. Rhodes started class. All of our steps combined would still be a fraction of yours! Sleep well and know that we are praying for you and with you in spirit! You are well prepared and killing it! On to stage 3! Love you!

Waller Miller

Posted On: 17 Aug 2021 01:37 am

Inside joke for D’s amusement. Guy in Airport wearing Vettel shirt. Talked to him. Nope, he didn’t go but wife did…brought it back from Budapest. Remind you of any relatives?!


Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 07:52 pm

Congratulations! You beat stage 2!! Looks beautiful and grueling at the same time. All the hard work is paying off! You got this, Darren! Best, Melissa

Will Burnett

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 06:43 pm

Holy smokes! You continue to come up with ways to make me feel inadequate. I’m so impressed that you and Danny would even think of doing this again - to say nothing of actually doing it! Have fun, be careful, and next time give me a head’s up you master of ego-less understatement.

Nicholas Hartnett

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 06:25 pm

Nice finish! Keep up the good work. And, we miss you too! I know you’re curious so here’s the quick performance update: Doing well through mid-month versus HFRX and Agg. We are cranking in LSE versus MS reports which are blah. RV bouncing back nicely from a challenging July - converts catching a bid for a second straight month. No hurricanes expected over the next 5 days (so, sleep well! ; p). Your favorite credit manager offered to buy us out of your favorite second lien debt issue at par plus accrued if you win the race (not really but if you win I'll find a way!). Grind on. Nick

Annette Narans

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 06:23 pm

Darren - you look great for someone climbing and wading through all that water! I don't think I would make Stage 3....keep us posted on how you are doing. Ashlee sent an email out....praying for you! Stay well and stay safe! Annette

Annette Narans

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 06:23 pm

Darren - you look great for someone climbing and wading through all that water! I don't think I would make Stage 3....keep us posted on how you are doing. Ashlee sent an email out....praying for you! Stay well and stay safe! Annette

Martha Dyess

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 06:20 pm

DARREN! You are CRAZY! I am so in awe of this - congrats!! Keep it going - we are so humbled by your accomplishments. Much love, prayers and sending only the best wishes! Martha and James Dyess
Darren Myers
Stage 1 is in the books!

15 August 2021 08:00 pm (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius


I think I finished in around 6hr45m.

We had a really tough climb over the first 14 miles which sapped a lot of energy. Powered thru the rest…slowly. Feeling reasonably ok now all things considered!

Tomorrow is 28 miles with a long 3k foot climb. Woohoo.

The course is great – I have been taking pics which will better than trying to describe here. cool to see shepherds in the hills. Went thru some neat rural villages too. It rained last night but held off today fortunately. More tomorrow after stage 2!


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Shana Jackson

Posted On: 19 Aug 2021 05:29 pm

Stay Strong Darren. Praying for your throughout the day today during what sounds like your toughest day yet. We believe in you!!

David Windfeldt

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 03:58 pm

Wow Darren. Super awesome. Representing Team USA in Russia/Georgia!

Brendan Bell

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 03:48 pm

This is incredible! Saw your calves in a YouTube video highlight of day 1, they looked gassed up.

Kent Muckel

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 03:16 pm

You still look fresh! Keep it rolling!

Lyndsay Pue

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 03:07 pm

Go Darryl!!! What an inspiration you are to us all! What a cool adventure you will always have! Praying for safety & health for you & Danny too!!

Trey Thompson

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 03:00 pm

Way to go, Darren! I ran four miles yesterday, and my back is killing me. You are a rockstar!

Holly Krug

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 02:40 pm

Incredible work by you. Praying stage 2 was easier than stage 1. You’ve run more in the last 2 days than Adam and I have in the last 10 years ;)

Nat Fraser

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 02:39 pm

You’re an animal! Keep it up, bud. We’re pulling for you!

Andrew Bell

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 02:26 pm

This is incredible Darren! Safe Trip, hope all is well.

Melanie Miller

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 01:21 pm

You are amazing! Thinking of you!

Ashlee Myers

Posted On: 16 Aug 2021 02:09 am

You are our HERO!!! Keep it up. Praying hard. Love and miss you. On to stage 2.....

Paula Holobaugh

Posted On: 15 Aug 2021 05:11 pm

Wow so proud of you!!! Just dropped Charlotte crew off at DFW.. keep up the good work! Are you and Danny staying together? ❤️ Big D and Bell

Nicholas Hartnett

Posted On: 15 Aug 2021 05:06 pm

So cool. Congrats on getting through Stage 1! The rest will be cake, I'm sure! Keep up the good work! Grind on. Nick