COVID-19 Update

RacingThePlanet COVID-19

Update & Processes [August 2021]

As the world is coming to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine roll out continues, we were able to host our first post-COVID-19 race in Georgia in August 2021. We implemented a lot of new processes and protocols and the race was a great success and COVID-19 free. It is great to be back racing around the world!

We are ready and excited to move forward with our 2021 and 2022 Race Schedule.

The nature of our races is a small group of people socially distancing in the outdoors. We take people to lesser visited corners of the planet to explore areas in a way that is not normally possible -- our community is adventurous, determined and sensible.

We have implemented a full set of processes and procedures to keep the races COVID-19 safe. The key items are detailed below:

  • All participants must be vaccinated.
  • Participants must have a PCR test on arrival in the host country – we will provide details of how the PCR tests can be obtained.
  • There is no pre-race hotel, instead competitors spend two pre-race nights at Camp 1.
    • Hotel accommodation is provided post-race as usual.
  • Race Check-In and Briefing takes place in the open air at Camp 1.
  • The normal 6-8 person tents have been reduced to just 2-4 people occupying each tent.
    • The same tents are used by the same people every day.
    • Those people who would like to sleep in a single tent can bring their own tent that will be transported by the race organisers from camp-to-camp.
  • Racers must bring nine (9) face masks and must wear them while at Camp.
  • Staff wear face masks at Checkpoints and Camps.
  • Additional alcohol gel is provided and touch-points are disinfected regularly.
  • There will be immediate isolation and COVID-19 testing of any person with possible symptoms.
  • We will arrange PCR tests as necessary for you to return to your home country.

The health and safety of all our participants, volunteers, medical teams, local staff and international staff are our primary concern. Therefore, we are continuing to monitor infection rates, vaccination rates, risk factors and guidelines from the relevant government and medical authorities. We will keep those registered for each race informed of any changes.

We do understand that each person’s situation is different and that some of you may prefer or need to change to another race in 2021 or 2022. For this reason, we are happy for you to transfer your entry to another race at any time up until six weeks before the race is due to start.

If you decide to defer your race entry then please send an email to the event director or email us at [email protected].

We do not want to give up on the opportunity of racing unless it is absolutely not possible or safe to do so.

Management Team

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