COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Statement Regarding the 2021 RacingThePlanet Race Schedule

[January 2021]

Our race schedule for 2021 is currently set to go ahead as planned. While COVID-19 has prevented travel and gatherings, the situation changes each day. Borders are opening up to international travel, testing is becoming more available with faster processing times, there is a better understanding of ways to prevent getting or transmitting COVID-19, and a vaccine is already being rolled out in some countries.

However, the health and safety of our participants, our volunteers, our medical teams, and our local and international staff are our primary concern. We continue to monitor the guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the CDC and relevant government and medical authorities.

Although the nature of our races is a relatively small group of people running or walking in the outdoors, taking people to the lesser-visited corners of the planet to explore in a way that is not normally possible, there are still a number of changes that will be implemented to make each race even more COVID-19 safe. These new procedures will be published specifically for each race.

We do understand that each person’s situation is different and that some of you may prefer, or need, to change to another race in 2021 or 2022. For this reason, we are happy for you to transfer your entry to another race at any time, including right up until six weeks before the race is due to go ahead.

If you decide to defer your race entry then please email send an email to the event director or to [email protected].

As long as it is logistically and safely possible, all races in 2021 are planned to go ahead as scheduled.


Management Team

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