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Race Coverage

Race Coverage

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Stage 1



42.6 (26.6 miles)



The stage took competitors through the valleys and hills of the early gold mining rush in New Zealand in the Nevis Valley.



Sunny and hot with high temperatures around 30 C (86 F)


Overall Winners, Stage 1


1. #143, Santini, Christophe (France), Leaders Bib, 5:37:23

2. #59, Hawkyard, Glen (New Zealand), 5:47:50

3. #7, Basford, Darren (United Kingdom), 6:03:06


Female Winners, Stage 1

1. #26, Cubells, Tamzin (United Kingdom), Women's Leaders Bib, 6:54:33

2. #44, Furlotte, Michelle (Australia), 6:58:45

3. #36, Fleury, Christele (United States), 7:11:52


Withdrawals, Stage 1

#8, Bea, Kyungsun (Korea)

#19, Chen, Li (China)

#32, Due, Cathrine (Denmark)

#55, Hald, Kasper (Denmark)

#94 Malvesti, Maria (Italy)

#96, Marcher, Steven (Denmark)

#130, Rajandran, Kunavathy (Malaysia)

#138, Rossiter, Melissa (United Kingdom)

#139, Russell, Kristen (United States)

#145, Shen-Yu, Wilson (Taiwan)

#154, Starr, Gregg (United States)

#165, Terran, Alexis United States)

#166, Terran, Terran (United States)



Deyl Kearin (United States):

"The hills were super gnarly. Right when I got  a pace, a steep hill would stop me. There were over 7,000 feet of climbs in todays stage, and the downhills were rough on the knees. I had some stretches where I was SUPER fatigued and feeling pain in many places. Nothing serious though and I finished strong. Not a cloud in the sky and intense sun and beautiful views and heaps of sheep. Lots of wonderful time in prayer and gratitude, then a couple solid hours in the hurt locker."

Alex Krawczyk (Canada)

"Speaking of hills….. omg… I have never climbed so many hills in one day, in wet shoes from constant stream crossings, with a muscle injury in my leg that was acting up big time.  My feet are covered in blisters, my back is sore from a pack that is way too heavy (Dara, I should have listened to you and not brought along my giant journal and art kit)!"

Miles Grimshaw (United States)

"10 years of anticipation gave way to a brutal 8hrs for the first stage and a soul crushing stat to climbing and descent. Having wanted to test myself on a stage race for a decade, pain aside, it was amazing to sleep out of the tent under the stars last night and spend 8hrs in the mountains with only one goal. first night of freeze dried food tonight! Crazy to think that my 2nd longest run ever is only a 6th of the goal."


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