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08 March 2019

Long day was tough and the furthest I have ever gone, the river crossings were awesome and the trails through the woods and fields so lovely. I stayed ...
Posted By: Tamzin Cubells 0 Comments

08 March 2019

Alrighty then stage six the long march done and dusted and the end is in sight. We have been making some great friendships the world over and are g ...
Posted By: Nico FOURNIER 3 Comments

03 March 2019

1st stage completed.8hours.tired.cannot believe tomorrow is not holidy.zannen.
Posted By: Soichi igari 2 Comments

09 March 2019

I'm writing from the comfort of a clean house, with a clean shave and a loooooooong hot shower with a keyboard that actually works. ahhhhhhhhhhh ...
Posted By: Deyl Kearin 7 Comments

06 March 2019

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the messages! You have no idea how much it means to me to read your encouraging words at the end ofa gruelling day. ...
Posted By: Louisa Forrester 2 Comments
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